ALLIE HAZE ON PEEPERZ RADIO – Vivid Girl Allie Haze has been the highest rated attraction recently on Peeperz Radio, which welcomed her as a “megastar who has the distinction of being a a Vivid contract girl, a rare honor these days.” In his story about his interview with Allie, MB noted that she has “released the red hot film entitled True Sex and is starring in the upcoming Vivid parody Star Wars XXX, which is sure to be one of the biggest blockbusters in recent memory.”  In recapping her biography, MB said, “her first inklings of sexuality were all directed towards women until……………. wait for it………. She married a preacher at age 18. Huh? What? Rewind….Yes you heard right Allie married a preacher, a guy for whom she had known from very early on.”  After this unusual foray, from which she moved on after two years,  she took on various jobs (Almost becoming a firefighter) until nude modeling began to pay tuition bills. The transition to adult film is an easy one from there and that led Allie to Vivid Video and Steven Hirsch who signed her to an exclusive contract making her a bonafide Vivid Girl, an honor only granted to a handful of girls throughout adult film history.” In the interview, Allie says she “relishes the opportunity to play such memorable and well known characters…also discusses her plans for the future, how long she will stay with Vivid making films and where she sees herself in ten years. So tune in, get turned on, break out your light sabers, pet your Wookies, and may the force be with you!”

 RAVEN ALEXIS-UNLEASHED  GETS HIGH MARKS FROM CRITICS --  The recently released B. Skow film Raven Alexis-Unleashed  has already earned high praise from adult film critics.  Apache Warrior gave it a Highly Recommended rating on, predicting “is going to be a huge go-getter for fans of this amazing and strong performer who has been going through a life-challenging experience with her cancer…This film is going to be remembered as a flick that shows Raven Alexis at her best.”  On Adult DVD Talk,  reviewer Fu_q also gives it a high rating and says the movie is an exceptional production...all of the sex in this release is at the excellent level or better, and the actors and actresses truly deliver the heat.”  

 ‘MELISSA & STEVEN’ DATING SAGA BECOMES A HOT TOPIC – The television talkers have been sounding off with their personal opinions about the propriety of Melissa Rivers dating Steven Hirsch.  On The View this week, Steven sat down with the ladies “to tell us why we’re all wrong about porn...and him.”  He disclosed that he and Melissa have “been dating a few months.”  Specific allegations about alleged drugs, mental and emotional abuse of specific adult stars were repeated and Steven flatly rejected them: “none of it’s true. For instance, Traci Lords had a fake ID and duped the United States government. (as soon as it was discovered she was under age when she made movies) those movies were off the shelves immediately. And, after those movies were taken off the shelf, why did she go and produce a new adult movie herself” when she became of age.  As for the current Los Angeles city condom controversy, Steven noted, “we don’t shoot very many movies in the city of L.A., but we’ll have to see what happens” with the proposed mandatory condom ordinance. He added, “We have been condom optional for years. Protecting the performers is of utmost importance and we’ve demonstrated that testing works. It has been proven to work well.  Government shouldn’t mandate sexual activities between consenting adults.”  The interview ended with a discussion of the question: “Who actually runs this industry?” Steven’s reply: “So many people think that it’s run by the mob. The truth is, the women make all the decisions. They decide what partners they want to work with, what they are comfortable with doing, and how much money they want to charge for what they do. They are totally in control.”  Other coverage of the Steven and Melissa dating “news” could be seen and heard on Access Hollywood,  Monsters & Critics, ACE Showbiz, and elsewhere, and Melissa and her mother have joked about it on their “Joan and Melissa” reality TV show.