MEDIA ACCLAIM AS STAR WARS XXX DEBUTS ONLINE– The eagerly anticipated debut of Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody took place online last week and caused an adult industry media sensation. The new action-packed film will be in stores across the country on Tues., Feb. 21st.  Within hours after its online debut, had posted the first full review – giving the movie five stars. Reviewer Christopher Thorne commented: “Axel Braun and Vivid Entertainment brought their A Game for what will invariably be one of the biggest porn parodies ever produced. Braun is clearly a big fan of Star Wars and seems to delight in transforming into a porn parody and does an amazing job of really matching the original while still poking fun and cracking jokes along the way. I appreciate Axel Braun's balls; if you're going to do a porn parody of one of the biggest movies of all times, go for it. Axel really did.”  Star Wars XXX is believed to be the biggest-budget production in the history of the adult entertainment industry. It stars Vivid Girl Allie Haze, as Princess Leia.  Upon its release, Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid, noted: "Star Wars XXX' is destined to be the best selling adult parody ever. Our first teaser on YouTube has already been viewed by over a million people, and we expect an even larger viewership for a new trailer. This far surpasses even our Batman XXX: a Porn Parody trailer. We've incorporated an incredible array of special effects into this movie and it is by far our most expensive and elaborate production. Axel is a master at his craft and he definitely hit it out of the park on this one."  The pop culture site said, “It's clear that Axel Braun has really put together something special with this porn parody… injecting a healthy amount of tongue-in-cheek humor. The graphics look amazing…the casting is dead on and Axel Braun's reputation for creating highly entertaining porn parodies all combine to make Star Wars XXX something I'm really, really excited for."

DISCLAIMER: 'Star Wars XXX A Porn Parody' is a parody movie. Star Wars®, Darth Vader®, Luke Skywalker®, Chewbacca®, and Obi-Wan Kenobi® are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd or Lucasfilm Ltd. The video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd., Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or third-party licensors.

 ALLIE AFFIRMS HER GEEK CREDS – Vivid Girl Allie Haze has confirmed her Star Wars credits in a new interview with writer Apache Warrior.   She was asked if she is a Star Wars and science fiction fan, and her immediate response was: “Ohhhh yes! I was a big Sci-Fi fan growing up and I still am. I grew up on Sci-Fi shows when I was a kid like Tremors, Stargate, X-files, etc. I can't get enough of it.”  And, as for her role as Princess Leia: “It was so much fun getting to recreate her character. She is a strong woman who is very sarcastic at times, but knows what she wants. She is looking for love and still knows how to have a good time. We have a lot in common. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks.”  On a personal note, Allie said: “I have been in the business for about two years now and it has been a blast so far and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Some of the my best moments have been at the conventions when I get to meet all my fans and chat with them and hear what they think about the movies I have been working on. Of course, signing with Vivid was a huge joy. The hardest part about the business is the judgment you get from your family and others, but it's all about rolling with the punches.”

 BIG BUZZ FOR CHYNA’S NEXT VIVID FILM -- leaked word this week that “Former WWE superstar Chyna is finally getting back in the ring ... taking on 9 dudes at the same time ... except it's for a porno movie.”  According to the TMZ report, “Chyna was totally serious about pursuing a XXX career ... and just wrapped up on a Royal Rumble-inspired flick in which she locks up with a bunch of dudes who all look like famous wrestlers ... including a wannabe Hulk Hogan, wannabe Triple H, wannabe Ric Flair and more.  Weird thing is ... Chyna and the REAL Triple H actually dated for a while before he married Stephanie McMahon back in 2003. The WWE obviously has no affiliation with the Vivid Entertainment flick. We called the wrestling titans for comment, but haven't heard back yet.”  The report got picked up immediately by other media, including, which carried its piece under the headline: “Oh boy, Vince will not be happy…”   Hundreds of pop culture, gossip and wrestling sites and blogs also did stories based on the TMZ item.  
Disclaimer: “CHYNA IS QUEEN OF THE RING” is a parody movie. This movie depicts a fantasized version of wrestling and is not to be taken seriously.  The movie does not depict actual events in the lives of the performers parodied in the movie. This movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or approved by World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., the performers parodied in the movie, or any person or entity associated with any of them.

 RAVEN ALEXIS UNLEASHED GETS ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’ NOD – The new B. Skow film Raven Alexis Unleashed has received a coveted ‘highly recommended’ rating from  Reviewer Apache Warrior says, “This film is going to be remembered as a flick that shows Raven Alexis at her best. Her incredible gritty and raw performance with Ramon Nomar deserves to be nominated for AVN and XBIZ Best Boy/Girl Sex scene in next year's awards. I highly recommend this movie that will make people remember what a talent Raven Alexis is.”