Vivid Studio Insider For March 23, 2012

STEVEN HIRSCH BLASTS SANTORUM PORN STAND AS "RIDICULOUS” -- Steven Hirsch made the national press this week when he took a stand against an anti-pornography argument by Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Santorum called for vigorous enforcement of anti-obscenity laws, arguing it causes brain damage, ruins marriages, leads to prostitution and sex trafficking, and "contributes to misogyny and violence against women." Said Steven: "This is ridiculous and just plain wrong. None of his arguments holds up to scrutiny. For example the FBI, National Crime Victimization Survey, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other highly credible organizations have all reported a dramatic drop in rapes, teen pregnancies and sex crimes since 1991, when porn first became widely available on the Internet..(and) many surveys indicate sexual violence is declining rather than increasing as Mr. Santorum argues. I find it ironic that Mr. Santorum and some of the other Republican candidates claim to favor less government, except when it comes to issues like pornography, where they want Government to dictate what people can and cannot watch. Trying to ban an entertainment form that the U.S. Supreme Court has deemed to be protected is a hopeless task since no one can honestly make blanket judgments on what is obscene."  Steven was interviewed by numerous media outlets and The Associated Press chose his comment as the Quote of the Day, with this line ending up in The Washington Post: “It just feels like another ridiculous attempt by Rick Santorum to appeal to the far right.”

-- A milestone is reached this month with the release of Brand New Faces 36 – Natural Newbies Edition. It will be available online on Tues., March 27th at and in stores nationwide on Tues., April 3rd.  This marks an even three dozen chapters for the popular series. Director B. Skow has helmed all 36 of the features, which are the only adult movies to offer an absolute guarantee – that it is the first time on film for the actresses or you get your money back. There’s also a new cover design on BNF 36 announces that the DVD features "100% silicone free nubile newcomers."  Says B. Skow: "When we started this series we had no idea it would become such a success. But fans love the idea of seeing girls as they are about to have sex on camera for the very first time.  We start with a really fun interview and tease segment that lets the viewer get to know the girl before she has sex with a total stranger.  It's a great combination."  BNF 36 features first timer 21-year old Riley Reid (she’s on the DVD cover) plus Izzi Ryder, Parker Page, Joslin Jay and Talia Palmer.  Male actors are Tommy Pistol, Xander Corvus, Mr Pete, James Deen and Jerry. The BNF series won AVN Awards three years in a row. AVN founder Paul Fishbein has has called it "The one (and only) indispensible first timers series" and reviewer Don Houston says it is "the only newcomer series consistently worth picking up."

XCRITIC/VIVID SEX TRACKER SURVEY RESULTS ARE IN – Results are in from an poll sponsored by Vivid to find out what people think about porn. XCritic writes: “We asked you a number of questions including: How do you like your threesomes? What's your favorite genre? How do you feel about Cam Shows? We asked and you answered! Here are some of the major results: Our survey takes are more male than female. With over 90% of guys responding! You still love DVDs! Don't start the obituary yet for DVDs--over 1/3 of you still watch them over all else. Masturbating to porn alone is still the main way you watch porn.Features are still king, but you also love gonzo and all sex. If you are going to watch a threesome it's two chicks and one guy. Thank you everyone who took the time to respond to our first ever Sex Tracker survey, your opinion counts and studios ARE listening! Stay tuned for our next survey coming soon, sponsored by Vivid Entertainment.”

 ALLIE HAZE SHINES IN OVERNIGHT – Vivid has released Overnight, an adult drama about love, sex and secrets starring Vivid Girl Allie
Haze. She shines in the original screenplay that tells the story of a corporate raider and a hooker, who meet by chance and plunge into the desperate, dark side of longing. As Vera, Allie is hired by corporate raider Lance, played by Richie, who appears to be successful but is actually riddled with guilt about what he does. The guilt manifests itself in night terrors so severe that he seems capable of suicide. His wife left him and he's in the middle of a takeover deal with a struggling business when he offers Vera $12,000 to help him get through a night that, like every night for him, could be his last. We learn that Vera's nights are filled with longing to kick her drug habit and leave her life of prostitution. Both the drama and the sex build to a crescendo as she dreams the same fantasy she's had since her childhood as an orphan – that a knight on a white horse will come to rescue her. Says director B.Skow: "This is a great movie for couples. They will love the richness and intrigue of the story and the really superb acting. In some ways, this is an old school '80s type drama with strong storyline, intrigue and sex."  The Overnight cast also includes India Summer, Jessie Andrews, Skin Diamond, Ashli Oriion, Uki Mori, Nick Manning, Mr. Marcus and Tom Byron.