SAVANNA SAMSON FEATURED ON ABC’S 20/20 SHOW – The popular ABC show “20/20” devoted an entire segment last week to former Vivid contract actress Savanna Samson.  Vivid was mentioned during the interview as “the MGM of adult entertainment. Savanna says in the interview, “I'm a porn star, yes ... and I don't mind that title. ... It's given me a life of luxury and success,…I was, you know, born to do this…I'm just an entertainer, and this is how I choose to entertain…And, morally speaking, that's what's confusing about me, is that I do have morals. And yet, it's contradictory, I guess, by the industry I'm in."  A photo of her promoting “The Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection” was used by ABC to promote the segment. 

 CHYNA ON CELEBUZZ.COM -- Chyna, a star in Vivid’s new AvengersXXX: A Porn Parody, was interviewed by this week. An article on the popular website noted, “Former World Wrestling Entertainment star Chyna has re-entered the ring — albeit in a different game. The woman considered a pro-wrestling pioneer has again turned to adult-films, with her new skin flick — a parody of The Avengers — hitting the internet on May 1. In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, the 41-year-old (real name Joanie Laurer) — who was once billed as ’The Ninth Wonder of the World’ — dished on how she’s been able to keep her well-developed physical attributes.”  Chyna told Celebuzz: “First and foremost, diet is very important. When I was wrestling, I ate as much meat as I could. Boys would have eating contests with me, so I would get bigger that way. Now my diet has completely changed. No salt, I crave vegetables all the time [and] 75 percent of my body change was [due to] diet.”  

VIVID FEATURED IN “OCTOMOM” COVERAGE – Vivid was mentioned prominently when news broke this week that Nadya “Octomom” Suleman had signed a deal do a masturbation scene in an adult movie.  ShowBiz Tonight noted that Vivid recently dropped its offer to her from a million to $100k. In Showbiz Tonight story carried on Headline News Steven Hirsch said, “I think people have sort of tired of all of the Octomom stories. Initially people were really interested and, I felt, excited to potentially see a movie starring her. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some people who would pay to see a movie with her. So, I think that this movie will do OK.” wrote, “Three years ago, porn giant Vivid came to Suleman with an offer to pay off the mortgage on her house - now in foreclosure - if she agreed to film just one sex scene, but she declined the offer and said that she would "never" do porn or pose nude for money. Since then the funds have all but dried up for the 36-year-old single mother of 14…”  In addition of Showbiz Tonight and HLN, hundreds of other sites covered the story and mentioned Vivid’s offers to Octomom, from to the