Vivid Studio Insider For May, 18, 2012

 MAINSTREAM CHECKS OUT THE DARK KNIGHT XXX PARODY – The popular website Ain't It Cool gave its readers a heads-up on what to expect from The Dark Knight XXX, A Porn Parody. The movie will be released online at on July 31 and will be in stores across the country on August 7th. The Cool News section of the website shows the headline "THE DARK KNIGHT WILL RISE IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE THIS SUMMER", and recalls that "We've had some fun covering Axel Braun productions lately. His recent AVENGERS and STAR WARS porn parodies proved without a doubt that...whatever one may think of "porn" on the whole...Axel is 1) an uber-Geek with both an understanding of / respect for the source material he lampoons; and 2) cares enough to bring surprisingly high quality design and production value to his projects. Yes, I realize saying such things may seem odd under the circumstances - but here we are nonetheless." The writer posted still photos of some of the characters in the movie, generating a long series of comments on the incredibly high quality of the costumes. Another prominent movie website, JoBlo posted a Twitter question about the movie: "Which Batman costume do you like better, Christopher Nolan's DARK KNIGHT or Axel Braun’s DARK KNIGHT XXX porn parody?" The item included juxtaposed pictures from both movies, with Axel's costume emerging as the winner. Says Axel: "I'm absolutely thrilled to see such an early positive response. It certainly validates the amount of passion and hard work that so many talented people have put into this project."

DISCLAIMER:  THE DARK KNIGHT XXX: A PORN PARODY IS A PARODY MOVIE. All characters and related materials are trademarks, copyrights and/or registered trademarks of their respective license holders and/or owners.  The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Comics or their partners, affiliates and/or parent companies or any other company owning the trademarks of characters seen therein.

 KIM KARDASHIAN, SUPERSTAR RANKS AS A TOP 5 KK MOMENT – The leading Canadian news site Global News has ranked the Vivid-distributed movie Kim Kardashian Superstar as one of the Top 5 Moments in the reality TV star’s life. Prompting the story was a visit to Toronto by Kardashian earlier this month.  “ took a look at the top five Kim Kardashian moments, to mark her trip to Toronto.”  No. 2 on the list (following her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries) was the movie. Said Global News: “In 2007 a home sex video, made with ex-boyfriend rapper Ray J, was released and bought for $1 million by Vivid Entertainment. In April 2007 Kardashian sued Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the tape, but later dropped the suit and settled for $5 million.”   Her stint on Dancing with the Stars and role on Keeping Up with the Kardashians were 3 and 4, followed by her 2010 earnings estimated at $6 million.

 THE REELBITS.COM  SAYS SIT BACK AND ENJOY AVENGERSXXX -- says that although the mainstream movie The Avengers has “madewell over $1 billion dollars globally, flying into the all-time top 10 worldwide box office records in only a matter of weeks… yet the real test that you’ve made it is when the porn parody is released.” And, says reporter Richard Gray, “AvengersXXX: A Porn Parody was released this week on DVD and has broken another record by jumping to the top of the adult charts as well. It features all the characters of the real film, plus something that Marvel Studios can’t currently do: including Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Sharon Carter, The Scarlet Witch, and even Spider-Man. Thor also gets a helmet, and Hawkeye is in his original costume, Clearly, Marvel can learn a lot from this. Also, former pro-wrestler Chyna plays She-Hulk. Yes. Now we can all sit back and enjoy the road to Avengers XXX 2.”   In a review on, writer Michael Hickerson says: “High production values, some fun extras and lots of consenting adults engaging in consenting adult activities. That’s what you’ll get if you watch The AvengerXXX. If you’re offended by such things, this movie isn’t for you. But if you want something more from your adult content, it might be one worth considering.”

DISCLAIMER: AVENGERSXXX: A PORN PARODY IS A PARODY MOVIE. All characters and related materials are trademarks, copyrights, and/or registered trademarks of their respective license holders and/or owners. The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with Marvel Characters, Inc. or its affiliates or parent company or any other company owning the trademarks of characters seen therein.

 ALLIE PROMOTES STAR WARS XXX AT EXXXOTICA MIAMI BEACH – Allie Haze discussed her Princess Leia role in Star Wars XXX A Porn Parody during a pre-expo interview on The Penthouse program of WZZR Radio. The program held a contest to win a “dream date” with Allie on Saturday night, complete with chauffeured limo, a meal at a Mexican restaurant, visit to a strip club and a tour of Exxxotica Miami Beach Expo at the Convention Center. In the interview she noted that Star Wars XXX is “doing really well and I’m excited about all the response it’s getting from fans.”  The interviewer noted that she “does things in that movie that I’ve always dreamed of doing with Princess Leia.”

DISCLAIMER:  Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody is a parody movie. Star Wars®, Darth Vader®, Luke Skywalker®, Chewbacca®, and Obi-Wan Kenobi® are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd or Lucasfilm Ltd.  This video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd., Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or third-party licensors.

 PHIL VARONE IN XCRITIC.COM INTERVIEW – Phil Varone gives some inside information on the making of Swinging American Style in an interview with He tells interviewer George Marron, “I’ve been in the (swingers) lifestyle for over 20 years and many people are fascinated with the lifestyle and what actually happens between other swinger couples. I thought the way to show real life swingers, is to use real life swingers and Swinging American Style Texas F*ck’em is just another day in the life of swingers. Having swinger friends come over and play games is a normal thing at my house and with the series the viewers will get to be a fly on the wall with each DVD. The main thing I want people to see is that we have fun. We really have a blast playing games and swapping girlfriends and wives. So many people can’t grasp sharing your spouse, but after watching this series, the viewer might understand a little better.”  Asked what advice he would give couple who want to experience swinging for the first time, Varone said: “My advice is to talk about it and make sure this is something you really want to do. Also, make sure your relationship is solid enough for something like this. After that, I would start slow and ask questions about swinging. Make friends with swingers and ask. Knowledge is everything and in this case, knowing as much as you can will only help.”