LI-LO AND J-LO PORNOS WOULD BE BIG HITS --  Adult movies featuring Lindsey Lohan or Jennifer Lopez would be huge hits among porno fans, but fewer have any interest in seeing Nadya "Octomom" Suleman in an explicit film. These are the results of the latest Sex Tracker Survey conducted by Vivid Entertainment and online review source  Of those completing the poll, 72.6 percent said they would buy a porno starring Lohan and 65.4 percent said they would purchase a J-Lo porno; but just 14.1 percent would buy one featuring Octomom, who has been offered adult film roles by Vivid and other studios.   A porno starring Dania Suarez, the Colombian hooker at the heart of the Secret Service misbehavior scandal that blew up earlier this year, was of interest to 30 percent of the respondents. In answer to a related question, just 12.1 percent of the respondents said they would have any interest in traveling to Cartagena to "visit the area and possibly sample the hookers" while 19 percent said "maybe" and 68.9 percent answered with a clear "no."  

Other parts of the survey indicate that the convergence of the Internet and television would lead to more porn watching by 41.1 percent of the respondents, while 38.1 percent said they would not watch it more frequently and 20.7 percent were not sure what effect it would have.  And, if offered a non-sex role in a porno 48.6 percent said they would take it, 25.1 percent said they would reject it and 26.3 percent said it would depend on the role. If the role involved sex, 26.4 percent would seize the opportunity, 33.6 percent would turn it down and 30.4 percent aren't sure. And, watching anal sex scenes was the most popular "kinky" genre among the respondents, with 42 percent, followed by girl-on-girl scenes at 40.5 percent and MILF at 32.5 percent. Foot fetish films were the lowest on the popularity scale, at just three percent."

Response to the Sex Tracker Surveys has been overwhelming," commented Chris Thorne, Editor of, "now more than ever people are enthusiastically expressing their opinions about sex, sexuality and adult entertainment and the results are fascinating." The Sex Tracker Survey is conducted periodically through the website, which reviews thousands of adult films and helps represent the voice of the adult consumer.

STEVEN HIRSCH QUOTED IN HUFF POST ‘CONDOM’ ARTICLE – The move to make condoms mandatory in adult films shot in Los Angeles County is generating more publicity. Huffington Post writer Kathleen Miles, cites reporting in the L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly when she writes that “Angelenos will be voting on what may be LA's most sexually explicit ballot measure ever this November. The measure would require, for all of L.A. County, the "use of condoms for all acts of anal or vaginal sex during the production of adult films."  Miles reports, “The county measure is more sweeping than the city ordinance and "is modeled on County's health permit process for tattoo and massage parlors and bathhouses," the AIDS group explains. The measure would require filmmakers to obtain a health permit from the county Department of Public Health, pay a fee, and face a suspended or revoked permit or even civil fines or misdemeanor criminal charges for violations. However, Steven Hirsch, CEO and co-founder of adult film production company Vivid Entertainment, commented to HuffPost, ‘This is yet another example of hard-working taxpayers' money being spent figuring out how to enforce something that does not exist. We do not believe that this is a public safety or health issue but rather an attempt to regulate an industry that is already self-regulated. We will continue to shoot in L.A. County for the foreseeable future.’  He also claimed the mandate currently in place in the City of L.A. ‘has had absolutely no effect on the adult industry.’

 VIVID TO BE FEATURED IN ‘DEXPEDITION’ EPISODE – Vivid’s Steven Hirsch and Marci Hirsch will be featured in an upcoming episode of the popular MTV Europe show Dexpedition  ( ). Their interview by the hosts of the show will appear in an episode in the second season. Dexpidition is a travel/comedy about the adventures of two young men. The show had a reported 100 million viewers during its first season.