Vivid Studio Insider For July 27, 20112

 STRONG LAUNCH FOR THE DARK KNIGHT XXX -- DVD copies of The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody are being snapped up by an eager public. Early reviews raved about the film.  Christopher Thorne wrote in "Great great sex and really phenomenal costumes. The Dark Knight XXX is shot extremely well and has the look and feel of a major production. The real highlight of the film is the end action scenes which shows off what Axel Braun can really do." Thorne gave the film a "highly recommended" rating.  In All Adult Network and Night Moves Magazine, Art Koch gave the movie 5 out of 5 Stars and noted, "Just when you think nothing can be topped, Axel Braun comes along and presents the The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody.'The talk, buzz, and hype have been going on for months about this film and it certainly lives up to all of it and more. The Dark Knight XXX is a must see, so run, do not walk to your favorite video store when this film hits the streets in a few days. It is destined to be a porn film classic." The movie is also getting attention Down Under. In an article "A is for Alfred, B is for Batmobile: Dark Knight A-Z", Australian mainstream outlet has the following at the letter X: "You know your career is in a bad place when a porn film looks better than your multi-million dollar, star-studded, Hollywood films.” 

 DISCLAIMER:  THE DARK KNIGHT XXX: A PORN PARODY IS A PARODY MOVIE. All characters and related materials are trademarks, copyrights and/or registered trademarks of their respective license holders and/or owners.  The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Comics or their partners, affiliates and/or parent companies or any other company owning the trademarks of characters seen therein. 

 MCKENNA TAYLOR ENLIVENS GREEN DOOR AUDITIONS – Vivid held an open casting call last Friday for the remake of Behind the Green Door, the classic adult film that starred Marilyn Chambers.  The studio’s offices on Cahuenga Boulevard in the Hollywood Hills attracted a full complement of male and female talent, among them reigning AVN Best New Starlet Brooklyn Lee. The actors were reviewed by Vivid staff and 21-year-old McKenna Taylor, daughter of the late Ms. Chambers. McKenna told AVN: "I'm more than willing to do anything that has to do with my mom. I thought the new version of the movie was cool when I heard about it. Whoever comes in and plays my mom's role has big shoes to fill. The movie really started my mom's career, so it was important to her as it is to me. Like many mother-daughter relationships, she was my best friend. My mom taught me everything I know about being a person. She never pressured me into knowing information about her, ever, until I wanted to. She knew it was kind of a weird subject. I knew about her career, though. I knew she acted, and I knew it was movies I couldn't see. When I became older and more knowledgeable of what she was doing it was cooler and more interesting. My friends, when they would find out, it was so embarrassing, but I think at first, I thought it was cool that my mom was a legend; she went through the whole sexual revolution and it was very interesting to me. I have seen some of my mom's movies, yes. She was very open with me. Whenever I wanted to know something, I asked, and that's when she spoke about it. But other than that, she was like 'Whatever you want to know …' I was really curious and when it came time for her that I wanted her to talk to me about it, who better to ask for advice when you're a teenage girl? She's Marilyn Chambers!"

SEX TRACKER SURVEY #4 DRILLS DOWN – The newest Sex Tracker Survey from Vivid and will delve even deeper into the adult entertainment preferences.  Respondents will be asked if they “follow or interact with porn stars online or through social media.”  The survey will also attempt to discover the most popular ways in which fans watch porn on tablets or smart phones. And, they’ll get a chance to tell how many adult DVDs they have in their own personal porn collections as well as how often they actually watch those DVDs after purchasing them. The survey is available at