Vivid Studio Insider For August 10, 2012

  VIVID CREATES VIVIDTV AND NAMES KEN BOENISH PRESIDENT – Vivid has announced the appointment of veteran television executive Ken Boenish as president of its new VividTV division.  He will oversee the launch of VividTV later this month. It will offer branded video-on-demand offerings as well as a branded linear pay TV channel. VividTV already secured distribution deals with two of the top ten television platforms in the U.S. that serve more than 20 million homes combined.  Ken Boenish has worked 22 years in the cable and satellite television industry, the last 14 years at publicly traded New Frontier Media, Inc. (NOOF:NASDAQ), where he directed its growth into the dominant adult television network serving 350 million homes in 33 countries. Considered an expert on the viewing trends of adult TV audiences, he has successfully utilized research and performance analytics to reshape the programming, marketing and pricing structure of adult TV services to improve the consumer experience and maximize operator revenue.

"I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting new venture for Vivid," Mr. Boenish says. "Vivid has what is undeniably the most notable and well-recognized brand in the business and the content to back it up. The studio is the most award-winning producer this industry has ever seen and I look forward to using my experience to enhance adult entertainment offerings for TV platform operators in the US and around the world."   Bill Asher, co-chairman of Vivid, noted: "VividTV already has very valuable distribution deals in place and under the leadership of Ken Boenish we should make rapid and important advances as we move forward in this vibrant space.”He is exactly the right person to pull all the pieces together for success."

VividTV programming will include the full range of Vivid Entertainment offerings from the largest single adult studio archive. Viewers will also watch exclusive, never-before-seen footage from the Vivid Celeb line, which includes sexually explicit videos featuring Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Kendra Wilkinson, Montana Fishburne, Tila Tequila and many other pop-culture icons.

  PHIL VARONE MOVIES REVIEWED ON GT XXXTREME – Phil Varone’s two Vivid movies have received high praise from  Both movies receive five star ratings and the note, “Really, Why would I give this guy anything less?”   Of Swinging American Style, the reviewer writes: “There’s no weak scripting, bizarre sex stunts or roughing up of the women. These are not professional actors or reality show participants who have been HD-glossed to perfection. Instead, we have regular folks allowing viewers like you to watch them have sex from the comfort of your home. Varone directed Swinging American Style. He also participates in the film and stars as Phil Varone — a skill that is uniquely his. Would this two-hour sexcapade be as much fun without him? Not a chance. He’s just that likable, and as a result, so is this DVD. Best of all, there’s no nauseating rose ceremony to bring it to its grand finale.”  In commenting on Secret Sex Stash GTXXXtreme said, “Growing up backstage at concerts, conducting a number of interviews on tour buses over the years, seeing what goes on behind the scenes, as well as following Varone’s career with Saigon Kick and Skid Row, also added to that feeling of familiarity. Thus, watching him ‘perform’ on camera was a bit awkward in a voyeuristic kind of way.”

OJ’S EX SHOPPING A SEX TAPE? – The gossip sites are having fun as they buzz that a sex tape starring O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend Christie Prody is being shopped around.  TMZ reports: “Prody has contacted multiple porn companies, including Vivid Entertainment, in the hopes of selling a homemade sex tape ... but before you get too fired up ... no, her co-star is not The Juice.  We're told the male featured in the video was Prody's rebound guy following her split with OJ. No word on if he used a glove.”  And PerezHilton cited TMZ as its source in reporting: “Apparently she's shopping around her own sex tape to the all the major distributors, including Vivid Entertainment. She hasn't found any buyers yet, but maybe she just needs the right manager? Hmmm, we wonder if Kris Jenner is busy? Sorry, sports fans, but this vid doesn't show The Juice putting his chocolate covered Heisman into Christie's trophy box!”