Vivid Studio Insider For August 17, 2012

 XCRITIC SAYS ASHLEY AIDEN GIVES “ABSOLUTE STANDOUT PERFORMANCE” – Of Ashley Aiden, says “The quickest way for a performer to get on our radar screen is to have an absolute stand out performance. It helps when that performance is in one of the highest profile releases of the year The Dark Knight XXX A Porn Parody. Aiden Ashley literally blew us away with her work in The Dark Knight XXX A Porn Parody and her performance as Catwoman was one of the best in the film.”  XCritic writer Apache Warrior interviews “rising star” Aiden, who says she has been guided by director Axel Braun, for whom she has  “so much respect for the movies that Axel makes and have always wanted to be a part of them.”  She said playing Catwoman in Dark Knight XXX “was perfect for me. I relate to Catwoman more than any other superhero in history. Her whole character is very much like my real life personality…I have an obsession and extreme fetish for wearing leather/latex in the bedroom. I felt overwhelmingly sexy and comfortable in my catsuit. I never wanted to take it off!”   She says she likes “partaking in ménage a trios. This probably is because I often like girls sexually more then males. So, this experience was a dream come true.”   Aiden also tells XCritic she has “always had a very strong sexual energy and I am an exhibitionist. I’m also very spontaneous and go with the flow of life. After a Friday night out in Hollywood, I proclaimed that I wanted to be in the adult industry and ran upstairs to get my laptop. I then proceeded to take pictures of myself in the living room and emailed them to agents. By noon Saturday, I had a meeting and signed with an agent. Sunday I was doing my first shoot. By Monday, I had a new career path that I love.”

 VIVID IN THE GOSSIP COLUMNS OVER JERSEYLICIOUS SEX TAPE – The gossip columns were buzzing this week about reports of a “steamy, 2-hour sex tape that is freaking out Olivia Blois Sharpe of Jerseylicious.”  The New York Daily News reports that her ex-boyfriend Lorenzo Gangala is trying to shop their sexy souvenir, but she won't sign a release. The tape, The Daily News quotes one source as saying, “Is one of the steamiest sex tapes I have ever seen…But Bloise Sharpe, who just happens to be Gangala’s ex-girlfriend, is refusing to cooperate with her former flame and the company interested in purchasing the explicit video… but we’re told that Vivid Entertainment, a pornographic film production company, is very interested in snapping it up. But for the sale to go through, Vivid is requiring Blois Sharpe give the production company her blessing in the form of her John Hancock. And, according to our source, that just might be the hardest sell of them all. The Los Angeles-based Vivid, one of the biggest names in the porn industry, is famous for distributing the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape, Pam & Tommy Lee Hardcore & Uncensored, in 1998 and Kim Kardashian ’s sex tape with Ray J , Kim Kardashian, Superstar, that rocketed her to fame in 2007.”  The quote was also picked up by PopBytes and other gossip sites. 

 VIVID CONFIRMS KRIS JENNER WAS NOT IN ON KIM DEAL – There were new rumors last week that Kris Jenner was the “broker” for the Kim Kardashian sex tape, but they were quickly doused by Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch in a statement he gave to Celebuzz.   The website reported: “While she is most certainly the mastermind behind the family’s multimillion-dollar branded empire, Jenner had no hand in Kardashian’s X-rated clip, according to Vivid Entertainment, the company that released the reality star’s video in 2007. Amidst swirling rumors, the company is setting the record straight with an exclusive statement to Celebuzz. It then quotes Steven as saying: “Every so often someone comes out with a bogus story about Kim’s sex tape. Let me be perfectly clear. Kris Jenner had absolutely nothing to do with the deal and ultimate distribution of Kim Kardashian, Superstar. To suggest anything different is both ridiculous and irresponsible, period.”

SOLID REVIEWS FOR THE AVENGERS XXX – reviews The Avengers XXX A Porn Parody with a Highly Recommended rating and a tip that ”fans of porn parodies will enjoy this one wholeheartedly, especially for those people who love to watch costumed wearing performers having good sex.” With a four star rating, XCritic also notes that “Chyna was perfectly casted as the She-Hulk and Lexi Swallow performed two different, but still hot performances,” adding that  “Avengers XXX had an addictive pull to it especially in the later portion of the film.”   I highly recommend this sleek and colorful film.  And the website writes that The Avengers XXX  is a “superhero extravaganza from director Axel Braun (that) is, as ever, ambitious stuff – a multi-character epic that riffs equally on the existing Marvel movie franchises and the comic books that spawned them.”  Reviewer David Flint says “the costumes (are) absolutely as good as any of the mainstream versions of these characters.”