Studio Insider For August 24, 2012

 AXEL BRAUN EARNS FOURTH '5-A' AVN REVIEW -- Axel Braun has earned his fourth consecutive 5-A rating from, the website of Adult Video News. The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody is the fourth movie from Braun and Vivid to earn AVN's highest rating in the past 12 months.  Earlier, he earned 5-A ratings for Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody; Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody and Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody, which won 2012 AVN Awards in the Best Parody-Drama, and Best Cinematography categories. Braun also won the Director of the Year-Body of Work award for the second year in a row. Says Axel: "It is quite a thrill to see my movies be so successful both financially and critically. I have the constant support of an amazing company, and the priceless help of a terrific crew. We all work very hard to bring these projects to life and to make them as entertaining and as exciting as possible, and receiving a 'perfect review' from AVN is an incredible honor."  In his review of The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody, writer Carlos Colon said, "Axel Braun handles the gloomy seriousness of Christopher Nolan's Batman universe every bit as deftly here as he did the Technicolor campiness of the '60s TV show in 2011 AVN Best Parody – Comedy winner Batman XXX: A Porn Parody."  He added, "For those disappointed by (the mainstream) Dark Knight Rises—and there are many—this may serve as a refreshing antidote. For others just seeking some red-hot Bat-action, they'll be downright enthralled. Either way, the ending leaves things wide open for a sequel, so expect more Dark Knight dirtiness to come."

 STAR STRUCK PORN WATCHERS LOVE THEIR X-RATED COLLECTIONS – The newest fan survey conducted by and Vivid Entertainment has revealed some interesting trends. Guys who buy adult movie DVDs love to collect them; many have libraries of 200 or more features they've viewed so many times they've lost count. The fourth Sex Tracker survey also shows that 28.4 percent of respondents have more than 100 DVDs in their personal porn collection. Of these, 40.2 percent say they've watched each between three and five times, 28.9 percent have watched them only once or twice, just seven percent viewed them six to 10 times, but 23.8 percent can't remember how many times they've watched them. And to the surprise of editors, 56.7 percent said they do not watch porn on a smart phone or tablet. Of those who do, just under 11 percent watch on an iPad and just under 13 percent watch on an iPhone or Android phone.  The survey also revealed that the star of a movie is the chief purchase motivator for a whopping 60.8 percent of people who buy adult movies, while 15.1 percent buy them because of the story line and 10.3 percent buy them because they like a particular studio. Price, the director and a movie's special effects have little impact on a purchase decision.  Nearly 55 percent of viewers said they follow or interact with their favorite stars online and through social media, in addition to watching them in films, while 45.5 percent said they don't.

 STRONG NEW XCRITIC DARK NIGHT XXX REVIEW – has another review of The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody, this one also giving it a four-star Highly Recommended rating. XCritic reviewer Don Houston concludes that the Axel Braun production is “clearly a step above the pack of pretenders, and I expect it will be among the bestselling titles of the year overall.”  Houston says interest in the film is exceptionally high:  “The Dark Knight XXX A Porn Parody has had awesome staying power in the past month it has been out, XCritic’s initial review getting tens of thousands of hits rather than die off.”  His summation: “If you’re looking for costumed porn capers worth self satisfying yourself, you have certainly come to the right place. On a side note, special kudos go to costume designer Tiffany James and the entire production team for the moods invoked and how well the technical aspects enhanced the final results.”