Vivid Studio Insider For August 31, 2012

 STEVEN HIRSCH CAUTIONS GOP ON PLATFORM STANCE – Vivid chief Steven Hirsch had a word of caution for the GOP this week: lower the rhetoric against adult entertainment intended for adults.   In a press release that was picked up widely by the mainstream media, Steven praised Republicans for their stand against child pornography. But he suggested they need to catch up to the real world when it comes to grown ups.  The Republican platform adopted in Tampa this week said "the Internet must be made safe for children" and called on service providers to "ensure that the Internet cannot become a safe haven for predators while respecting First Amendment rights."  The platform also said:  "Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced."  Said Steven in response:  "Everyone is against child pornography, so Republicans aren't saying anything new when they call for strict laws to ensure safety for children on the internet. As for the platform's other reference to pornography, responsible producers of adult entertainment created for and offered to adults already obey 'current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity.'

Republicans, however, need to catch up with what's happening in America and the world today.  Books like 50 Shades of Grey, dozens of popular cable TV shows and the web have made the public more comfortable with portrayals of sex than they ever have been before. Sex is everywhere in the adult world and this isn't going to change.  If anything, it will become more pervasive. The Republicans' call for 'vigorous' enforcement of these laws is a hollow gesture and obvious pandering to ultra right wing conservatives. Republican officials shouldn't take this platform idea as a license to start some kind of witch-hunt that would waste taxpayer dollars and accomplish nothing. In any event, we have so many more important issues in front of us today than worrying about whether someone is breaking laws that probably should never have been written in the first place."

E-ONLINE GOES WILD ON HARRY AND VIVID’S ESTIMATES – The E-Online headline posed this question: ”Prince Harry's Naked Romp: How Much Could a Sex Tape Fetch?”  To get the answer, E-News reporters Natalie Finn and Sharareh Drury turned to Steven Hirsch, and his response was quickly echoed in web media around the world.  The E-Online report said: “A few nights in a VIP suite in the trendiest of Las Vegas hotels? Thousands of dollars. A few minutes of video showing Prince Harry romping naked in that VIP suite? You got it—priceless. Video footage featuring the rowdy royal in the buff—let alone engaging in sexual activity—could fetch millions, according to Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch, who has both fielded more than a few offers to buy amateur movies featuring, er, big-time talent and offered big bucks to celebs (like Pippa Middleton and, blimey, Prince Harry) to appear in Vivid films. ‘I can't think of a single person who wouldn't be interested in checking it out,’ Hirsch tells E! News. ‘It would be worth probably more than any other celebrity sex tape that we've seen.’

But though it could veritably be the biggest get of the millennium, that doesn't mean Vivid is willing to shell out seven figures for just anything. If a tape surfaces, they would definitely want to check it out, Hirsch said, but whether they bid for it would depend on how worthwhile it ultimately is. ‘"We'd have to take a look at the footage and see what was actually there, how long it was [he means the tape, people], what the quality looked like before we made an ultimate determination,’ Hirsch explained.‘People are intrigued by him,’ the Vivid honcho continued. ‘[Harry] seems like a cool guy. He seems like a guy that everybody can relate to, and I think that everybody would want to see that footage.’"

 QUEEN OF THE RING PRO WRESTLING PARODY STARS CHYNA – Vivid will release an adult parody of professional wrestling calledChyna is Queen of the Ring on on September 4th and in stores nationwide on September 12th.  The movie stars former champion Chyna, who lets loose in this hard core movie that parodies such icons of the sport as Triple H, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Iron Sheik, Doink, John Cena, Gene Okerlund, Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon. Says Chyna: "This movie made me feel sexy and wanted. I was glad it was a long shoot because I was totally turned on and having so much fun laughing a lot with the guys. I think adult movie fans will go crazy over it!

I used to dream about being a movie star. I didn't expect to be making adult movies because I felt insecure compared to all the beautiful women in the industry. Vivid has given me a life changing opportunity to be glamorous and sensual and I'm delighted with it. I want my fans to know that I'm better than ever. I've been wanting to make this particular parody for a long time. Of course, I know every player who is parodied and it was great to 'spar' with them again, but this time it was really hot on my new sexual turf.  The cast of Queen of the Ring includes Lisa Ann as Stephanie McMahon, Valerie Kay as Ring Girl, Ron Jeremy as himself, Alex Sanders as Ric Flair, Anthony Hardwood as Triple H, Cyrus King as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Evan Stone as Hulk Hogan,  Lee Stone as Vince McMahon, Marco Banderas as Iron Sheik, Ralph Long as Doink, Sledge Hammer as The Rock, TJ Cummings as John Cena and Tommy Pistol as Gene Okerlund.  Advance news of the release of the movie has already caused a stir in pro wrestling circles, with sites such as covering the story.

DISCLAIMER: Chyna is QUEEN of the RING is an xxx parody movie. The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or approved by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., the performers parodied in the movie or any person or entity associated with any of them.

VIVID QUOTED IN N.Y. TIMES BOOK REVIEW – Vivid is referenced in a New York Times weekend book review of Sex and God at Yale - Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad by Nathan Harden.  Vivid’s Steven Hirsch was a guest lecturer during the “Sex Week at Yale” event several years ago. Of it, reviewer Hanna Rosin writes: “I have reservations about Yale’s decision to host Steven Hirsch, the chief executive of the pornography enterprise Vivid Entertainment. On the other hand, Hirsch’s presence gives the students, who have no doubt already logged dozens of hours watching online porn, a chance to think about what they are doing and how they feel about it. Harden reports that one young woman in the audience, for example, asked Hirsch what he would do if one of his own children wanted to appear in one of his films.”