Vivid Studio Insider For September 14, 2012

 MARCI HIRSCH CONTRIBUTES TO 'FIFTY WRITERS ON FIFTY SHADES' – A press release this week announced the forthcoming publication of a new book that takes a new approach to the ideas behind the enormously popular trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, which has changed the way people think about everything from fan fiction and erotica, to BDSM and relationships. According to publisher Smart Pop Books: “In Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey, editor Lori Perkins has collected 50 writers—including romance and erotica authors, BDSM dungeon masters, professors, lawyers, and adult industry professionals—to weigh in on the must-read series of 2012. It includes pieces from…Marci Hirsch, the surprisingly romantic production executive at Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film studio.”   Other writers who have contributed to the new book include Tish Beaty, the editor who “discovered” Fifty Shades of Grey; writer Jennifer Sanzo; Master R of BDSM training chateau La Domaine; matrimonial lawyer Sherri Donovan; porn star Sinnamon Love; publisher Judith Reagan, and many more. Says Smart Pop Books: “Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey will give those who loved the books a chance to linger in Christian and Ana’s world, while giving those who had mixed feelings on the series a way to understand its staggering popularity, and appreciate its impact.”

 CHYNA IS QUEEN OF THE RING REVIEWED ON WRESTLING WITH POP CULTURE SITE – The website has reviewed Chyna is Queen of the Ring in an article title “Chyna’s return to the ring may not be what wrestling fans were expecting.”  The reviewer says he began watching at the “beginning when Chyna’s in the locker room getting ready for her first match and Vince (McMahon) and Stephanie McMahon walk in. It looks like Chyna’s going to finally get revenge on Vince for firing her, and Steph for marrying Triple H, but they’re all able to do what’s best for business and get really friendly with each other. I never realized Vince had all those tattoos but I guess he’s gotten some since I last saw him with his shirt off. And I’ve always wondered if Steph’s boobs were fake, but now I’m pretty sure they are. But, I mean, you know.”  With tongue in cheek, the reviewer concludes: “it’s weird how all the wrestlers look a little different than usual. I guess maybe they were off the juice going into these matches. But it’s a pretty good show and good to see Chyna back in action.”  

STEVEN HIRSCH BLASTS MORALITY IN MEDIA PRESIDENT PATRICK TRUEMAN – Vivid founder and co/CEO Steven Hirsch issued a press release this week blasting Morality in Media president Patrick A. Trueman for making "inflammatory and ridiculous assertions" about the impact of pornography on society.  Steven’s comments came after a statement from Trueman said an "untreated pandemic of harm from pornography" exists and "according to many studies, children and adults are developing life-long addictions to pornography."  Steven responded: “Contrary to Mr. Trueman's claims, there are no reputable facts or studies to back up his assertions. Mr. Trueman makes his living trying to control the legal choices adults have in the kind of entertainment they can enjoy. It is obviously in his economic interest to make inflammatory and ridiculous assertions about the so-called detrimental effects of adult entertainment, since that is what he is paid to do. He preys upon weak politicians, eager for votes from people who drink his anti-free speech Kool-Aid. Instead of advising people who don't like adult films to simply not watch them, Mr. Trueman chooses to try and control what everyone can and cannot watch, a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment.  But I think people like Mr. Trueman don't intimidate anyone, any more.  They reject the nonsensical diatribes of a man who wants to rob them of their right to make their own decisions about what they view and read."    Steven also demanded that Trueman “immediately cease making defamatory and untrue personal attacks” on him or face legal consequences. He referred to a statement issued by Mr. Trueman recently saying Hirsch was a "man whose business is sexually exploiting young girls for profit."  Steven responded: "We do not sexually exploit or coerce anyone," Hirsch said. "All of the people with whom we work are consenting adults and they perform in our productions according to strict standards regarding age, health tests and other legal criteria."