Vivid Studio Insider For September 21, 2012

 FIESTA HAS FUN WITH ‘BATMAN AND THROBBIN’ – The British adult magazine Fiesta had some fun this month with a feature on Vivid’s The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody.  In addition to a review of the movie, the magazine also publishes an interview with star Aiden Ashley, who portrays Catwoman in the movie. Under the headline “Batman and Throbbin’! Fiesta calls the movie “inspired” and says, “Vivid have done it again. The mainstream porn giants have … given Christopher Nolan’s hugely successful Batman series a filthy once over.  And frankly, it couldn’t have come at a better time…Fans of the original movie will be pleased to know the plot more or less sticks to the multi-million dollar Hollywood production—with some sexual meanderings here and there.”In her interview, Aiden says the film production got “very steamy” on set and she was “hot for all of the scenes and loved every minute of it.”  In perhaps a hint of what’s in store for her in the future, she says that if she could portray any other superhero, “I think I would make a great Wonderwoman. A little red, white and blue latex outfit with bullet deflecting bracelets and I’m ready to go!”

 BRAND NEW FACES 37 GETS ‘HOT’ AVN REVIEW – Brand New Faces 37 received a strong four-star review from AVN.  Reviewer Dirty Bob says the latest in the long-running series maintains its legendary quality and content. He adds: “While each girl is fresh to the scene, most possess an aura of sexuality that denotes that this form of activity is anything but new to them. This translates into hot action by skilled sexual artists letting loose for the first time on screen.”

 XCRITIC GIVES ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’ NOD TO CHYNA IS QUEEN OF THE RING – Xcritic reviewer Rob Perez gives Chyna Is Queen of the Ring a coveted “highly recommended” review and awards it four stars overall.  Perez writes, “Few celebrities who have released a sex tape have gone on to cash in on their sex tape scandal in porn…Chyna Is Queen of the Ring “should definitely be regarded as one of the best parodies of the year and Chyna deserves much acclaim for her natural sexual performance abilities, which definitely put her in a class with the other superstars of porn.” In the summary of his review, Perez says: “Chyna has what many successful adult performers need to succeed—charisma, looks, stamina and genuine love to be a part of the scene and having a good time while she’s getting pumped hard.”