Vivid Studio Insider For October 5, 2012

 Vivid and sex guru Tristan Taormino introduce Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female Ejaculation online at starting Tuesday, October 9th and in stores nationwide on Tuesday, Oct. 16th.  Tristan -- columnist and author of best-sellers on sex, editor, educator/lecturer and adult film director -- teaches workshops at colleges and universities across the country that are always sold out.

Of her new movie, she notes, "People still have a lot of questions about female ejaculation, and this movie will help them better understand it and learn how to do it." Taormino dispels myths and shares important information about the wonders of female ejaculation. From anatomy and preparation to external stimulation and penetration techniques, she shows the ins and outs of this unique form of female pleasure. Viewers then can watch and learn as four couples share their advice and demonstrate techniques, positions and tricks to achieve female ejaculation.

The movie covers:
- How to find and stimulate the G-spot
- The best toys from stainless steel dildos to silicone vibrators
- Positions for easier female ejaculation
- How to make yourself or someone else ejaculate
- How to have a squirting orgasm.

"There was such a fantastic response to my book The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation that I wanted to make a movie that would give couples explicit examples of techniques," says Tristan, whose honors include the prestigious Trailblazer Award for Lifetime Achievement in Feminist Porn.

CELEB SEX TAPE REPORTS SPARK VIVID MENTIONS – Reports circulating recently about possible sex tapes featuring Kanye West and Hulk Hogan led the media to Steven Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment.  When the possibility of the West tape surfaced, media including The New York Daily News, TMZ and FuseTV, sought out Steven for his reaction.  About the West tape, Steven said he had not seen it and had not been approached, “Which does make me a little skeptical [since Vivid is the leader in this business]. So, we'll have to see.”  If real, he said “it could be worth up to a couple million dollars. It could be worth a lot of money. It depends on ... how good is the tape? How good is the quality? How good is the sex? What does the girl look like? There are a lot of pieces that go into it. But the fact that he's the star would definitely pique people's interest.”

A few days later, TMZ reported on what it headlined -- “Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Leads Online.”  TMZ said, “The folks over at Gawker have watched the full 30:17 tape and posted a clip of the grainy black and white footage featuring the 59-year-old and a woman who performs oral sex on him, and the site's editor-in-chief, A.J. Daulerio, calls it ‘a goddamn masterpiece.’"  TMZ added: “Rumors of the sex tape's existence broke last March, when TMZ reported that Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch confirmed he was approached with the tape by a third party. Hogan's lawyer responded to news of the tape, claiming that his client was ‘appalled at the unauthorized release of a secretly filmed video,’ and added, ‘[Hogan] neither approved of the filming nor the release of the same. It is clearly an outrageous invasion of privacy and breach of trust if it is genuine.’"

KEN BOENISH INTERVIEWED BY MULTICHANNEL NEWS – VividTV chief Ken Boenish was interviewed last week by MultiChannel News about the adult pay-per-view and VOD market and its challenges.  He told MultiChannel reporter R. Thomas Umstead, “We hit the perfect storm in 2008 with the economic downturn. There was downward pressure on consumer spending; the economy was heading into a real rough spot; operators were raising prices on adult products — in some cases it was $15 for an adult movie. And the online experience, through better data speeds, was becoming more and more satisfying, with companies releasing tube sites with free content.”

For the future, he says, “The real key to success is having some kind of content at a less expensive price point, like single scenes anywhere from a $1.99 to $3.99; multi-scene compilations that are a half hour in length somewhere around $5.99 and full-length movies somewhere under $10. That coupled with a strong monthly subscription offering with a sweet spot around $15 to $20. The future (also) looks like cable operators settling in on a handful of very big brands that are supported with content that is not overexposed and not available for free online… a premium experience just like HBO or any other premium channel. I think, going forward, a combination of transactional and monthly subscription [fees] really makes a lot of sense.”

LOCAL MEDIA NOTES HIRSCH OPPOSITION TO CONDOM PROPOSAL – A local California newspaper, The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, has published a letter by Steven Hirsch that states his opposition to a proposed Los Angeles County ballot measure that would require porn actors to wear condoms on the set.  With the headline “Vivid Entertainment owner says condoms bad for porn biz” the newspaper also reported on the letter, saying: “In his letter Hirsch says porn actors and actresses are less likely than the general population to contract HIV and other STDs. Here's a quote: ‘Bottom line: Measure B is a bad idea. Our County officials have no business regulating sexual behavior between consenting adults, intervening into how films are produced, or invading our bedrooms -- real or pretend.’"