Vivid Studio Insider For October 26, 2012

  VIVID IN THE NEWS WITH KATE GOSSELIN OFFER -- Steven Hirsch made an offer to Kate Gosselin to be a hostess for VividTV.  TMZ covered the story (calling Vivid “everyone's favorite porn company,”) and its report resulted in thousands of re-posts and re-tweets. The TMZ item was headlined: “Kate Gosselin New Job Offer…Clothes 100% Off! EXCLUSIVE.”   And the story itself reported: “When God closes a door, he opens a window and in Kate Gosselin's case ... that window is a job offer that would involve her hosting her own show in the nude!!! Gosselin was axed from her gig as a blogger for the website after the CEO said she was no longer "a good fit" for the company. But the mother of eight might not be out of work long because everyone’s favorite porn company, Vivid Entertainment, wants her to serve as a Naked Host for their new cable division, VividTV. In an offer letter to Gosselin obtained by TMZ, Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch says the gig (which wouldn't be all-nude all the time) would allow her to have a flexible schedule so she could spend plenty of time with her brood. Gosselin is at the top of Vivid's list, with Hirsch saying, "We have binders of women who would love the job, but you're definitely our first choice." 

 COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY TAKES NOTE OF SVS --, a popular comic book industry blog that says it doesn’t so much “pull back the curtains of the comic book industry, as give you a series of up-skirt shots,” has taken note of Superman Vs Spider-Man XXX. BleedingCool compares the DVD cover of the Vivid-Braun movie with that of the original DC and Marvel comic book. The blogger writes:  “Looks like crossovers have hit porn. And what Marvel and DC won’t do, pornography will. This is the cover for the new Superman Vs Spider-Man XXX Porn Parody from Axel Braun and Vivid. It’s quite a rarity that two male porn stars should have such prominent positioning on a straight porn video cover, without an equivalently weighted female… but they do want to get the details right, I suppose.”  The post was picked up by other blogs such as Movies with Butter.

 AVN GIVES HIGH MARKS TO IN HER HEAD -- AVN this month reviewed the David Stanley-directed movie In Her Head, giving it four and a half stars and crediting star Lexi Belle with “a nom-worthy acting performance.”  Reviewer Tod Hunter writes: “On Planet Stanley anything is possible, and figuring out what's real and what's illusion is the puzzle. It's like Buñuel with hardcore sex, plus the Pulp Fiction where-did-that-shot-come-from game. We spotted Seconds and Vertigo.”