Vivid Studio Insider For November 16, 2012

ONGOING MEASURE B FIGHT GETS NATIONAL ATTENTION – Measure B may have won approval from Los Angeles County voters on November 6th, but the on-going fight to defeat it continues.  The adult entertainment industry in the county has mounted full-scale initiatives to challenge it in court, and Vivid is at the forefront of the efforts. An Associated Press article on the new fight was picked up by hundreds of websites, newspapers and broadcaster sites. The story outlined the adult industry’s strategy and quoted Vivid chief Steven Hirsch: "’Certainly this is the biggest threat that I've seen to the industry in a very, very long time,’ said Steven Hirsch, chief executive of Vivid Entertainment Group, one of the largest purveyors of porn films, including celebrity sex tapes and popular X-rated parodies of ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’ films. ‘There have been obscenity prosecutions, but this is something on a whole different level.’ Hirsch, who co-founded Vivid 28 years ago, said he is confident the industry will get the law overturned on the grounds it violates filmmakers' First Amendment rights of free expression. If it isn't overturned, he said his company will simply move production out of Los Angeles County to survive.” 

 SUPERMAN Vs SPIDER-MAN XXX IN RACKET MAG GIFT GUIDE – Looking for a great holiday gift for that special person this year? suggests that just the thing could be the DVD of Superman vs. Spider-Man XXX. The site’s gift guide says it is “a movie featuring some of your favorite DC and Marvel characters humping each other’s brains out. If you’ve ever thought of superheroes f*cking, well, my friends, here’s the smut for you. Andy San Dimas is always close to my boner, wait, I mean heart, as I used to live in San Dimas. San Dimas High School Football RULES!!! Also, I think we’ll find out if Lois Lane can handle Superman’s super-jizz, let’s see if Randall or Dante were right on that debate.”  The movie was released on on November 6th and went on sale in stores nationwide November 13th.  News of the release of the movie was picked up by numerous sites, including the hugely popular

‘STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING’ LIKES SvS XXX – The popular website Strange Things Are Happening gave a positive review of Superman vs. Spider-Man XXX.  Reviewer David Flint said: “One of the great things about porn parody superhero movies is the chance to see combinations of characters that we’ll probably never get in the mainstream movies. After all, Marvel’s assorted contracts mean that they can’t get all their characters to interact on screen, but for Axel Braun and Vivid, that’s clearly not a problem. And so we get Superman vs. Spider-Man XXX, which firmly establishes its nerd credentials by being (very loosely) based on the classic 1976 Marvel/DC crossover where the two iconic heroes first met. Even the sleeve art is a spot-on pastiche of that classic book’s original cover. As with all X-rated superhero spoofs, the film has less plot than you’d like, but is helped by a smart sense of humor, an obvious love for the source material and relatively impressive production values – not to mention the sheer joy of seeing all these characters on screen together (and behaving in such a disreputable manner!) Vivid really ought to start mass-producing their excellent, and often quite fetish club friendly superhero costumes – imagine the nerd fantasies that could be fulfilled.”

DISCLAIMER: "Superman VS Spider-Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody" IS A PARODY MOVIE. This movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with any entity owning the rights to the characters parodied therein or the work being parodied.