Vivid Studio Insider For December 7th, 2012

STEVEN HIRSCH REVIVES L.A. CONDOM MEASURE FIGHT – Vivid chief Steven Hirsch wrote a blog this week in Huffington Post arguing that Los Angeles voters were duped when they were urged to pass Measure B, which makes it mandatory for performers to wear condoms while shooting adult movies.  Steven wrote: "In reality, the voters were conned and nobody's any safer; not the performers and certainly not the taxpayers. First of all, it's not just condoms that are now mandatory on adult sets. Actors may now be required to wear a virtual hazmat suit -- goggles, gloves, lab coats, dental dams and facial protective gear? Movie sets will look more like a hospital ER. This is sex, not surgery!" He said the adult industry and the Free Speech Coalition are already preparing to challenge the new law in court, adding "we are confident that we will win. But we could also lose; and if we do, the adult industry will most definitely leave the state. But win or lose, taxpayer money will be spent defending this lawsuit, and taxpayer money will also pay to prosecute the next suit... the one that will surely come from the measure's sponsor, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, if we win." Steven also noted, "The penalties for violators of the new law are hard to imagine – up to six months in prison for each infraction. If there's more than one infraction on one set, years of imprisonment could be levied over a single movie. As if this wasn't draconian enough, the new law also opens the door to harassing civil lawsuits by any industry opponent. This means that any self-appointed morality 'monitor' who feels that a studio has not lived up to the letter of Measure B can file suit and claim monetary damages. AHF, the sponsor of the bill, carefully hid everything but the condom part when arguing for passage of Measure B. And they misled voters when they argued that the cost of inspections would be paid for by permit fees charged to the studios before shooting a sex scene. Because adult films simply won't be shot in Los Angeles County anymore. Virtually every major adult studio is actively planning their out-of-town shooting strategy.”

In his Huffington Post blog Steven cited reports that Los Angeles taxpayers will have to pay an estimated $582,000 over a two year period to construct a plan for implementing the law. "That's right, not to actually implement it, but to figure out how to implement it. And as we plan our shoots outside the county, we can't help but feel for the estimated 10,000 professionals whose jobs will also leave the state, an unintended consequence well beyond the loss of fees, permits and income to L.A. And all of this for what purpose? The adult industry never had a sexually transmitted disease problem in the first place. In fact, our industry has an amazingly good health record -- far better than the general public -- because we test rigorously and frequently. Sometimes the best of intentions yield the worst of results. This will likely be the legacy of Measure B: a misguided case for condoms that deserves only condemnation."

VIVID HAS 68 NOMINATIONS FOR 2013 AVN AWARDS – Vivid, its affiliates and partners have been nominated for 68 honors at the 2013 AVN Awards ceremonies in January. Allie Haze is up for Best Actress for her role in the Axel Braun/Vivid Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody production, one of six separate nominations she received. Axel Braun’s Star Wars, The Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody and The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody have a combined total of 29 nominations, including Best Parody-Comedy and Best Parody-Drama. A complete list of the nominations is available at 

GUYS WOULD CONSIDER PORN STAR BRIDES – Over 61 percent of men would consider marrying a porn star and 85.8 percent said they would be happy to date one, according to the latest Vivid "Sex Tracker" poll. The online survey of sexual preferences also revealed that nearly 87 percent of respondents consider adult entertainment to be "a positive part of our culture." Plus, the survey indicates that people learn from the adult films they watch, with over 64 percent of respondents saying they've tried positions or moves from a film in their personal sex lives "and it was great." Another 60 percent said they have used sex toys on themselves, on a partner or together with a partner. And 33.5 percent of respondents "just use free porn sites to get off," while 29 percent prefer to see their favorite performer on a DVD release rather than another delivery method.  The sixth Vivid Entertainment –XCritic Sex Tracker Poll ran on in November as a completely anonymous survey administered by a third party polling company. The survey received over 500 responses, 58% of which classified themselves as "Moderate Watchers" of adult entertainment.