Farrah Abraham Shocker! Second Sex Tape Revealed!


When we posted a pity story on Farrah Abraham today, citing sources that said she was raped, abused, and beaten in her younger years, we had no idea that she'd turn around so abruptly and play us like this -- here's one big, ridiculous thing we don't pity her for: sociopath liar Farrah Abraham has a second (a second!) sex tape coming out quite quickly, and this time, it's no "fake" "leak" -- it's the real, raw, ridiculous deal, and it suits Farrah's underhanded personality herself. 


The movie is called "Farrah 2: Backdoor and More," and it comes with the rock-solid guarantee that this tape isn't the "at home" sex tape she tried to play off as a leak like the first time around -- former co-star (not boyfriend) James Deen reprises his role in the new film, and executives at Vivid tell us that she uses three different fantasy fetish swings as foreplay, and then takes it -- again -- from Deen. Three of them. Swallow that for a second.  


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