Photo of Savanna Samson in her Tuscany vineyard, courtesy of Savanna.

 SAVANNA CREDITS VIVID – Superstar Savanna Samson was the subject of a wide-ranging interview with this week, talking about her background, her career with Vivid and her recent appearance at Vivid Cabaret NYC, and plans for her new career as a wine vintner. She recaps her start as a ballet dancer and entertainer at Scores in New York, and her first movie with Rocco Siffredi. “It was nominated for Best Foreign film and when I attended the AVN Awards and Adult Expo and saw the Vivid booth, I was immediately drawn to it. I asked how I could become a Vivid Girl and well, the rest is history!!” Further in the interview she discussed her Italian wine, noting “it is drinking beautifully now and if you come to the Vivid Cabaret Club in NYC you will try it!” She’s also asked if she would consider returning to the adult screen, replying: “I do miss making movies. Yes the sex part was great and with Vivid I was the star of my own scripted movies. Now I am studying acting and feel the need to perform, but I don’t think that’s where the adult industry is at this time. For now I feel the need to keep my sex private and sacred and choose to share my love through my wine.” Asked what she “took from adult industry that you now apply to your new business?” Savanna replied: “As strange as it sounds, I found my confidence in the nude. Crazy coming from someone who picked apart every flaw but somehow that’s what happened. I guess I should get naked and stomp grapes and find the same confidence in my wine business. Yes, that’s exactly what’s missing!!” Winding up the interview, she noted that she presented her wines at Vivid Cabaret NYC during its grand opening week and will continue to offer tastings at the cabaret on Wednesdays until Valentine’s Day.

Image from Captain America XXX courtesy of

 CRAVEONLINE GIVES A PREVIEW OF CAPTAIN AMERICA XXX – Popular website gave its readers a sneak preview of Captain America XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, with an “exclusive gallery” of photos. Writer William Bibbiani reports: “While everyone else is geeking out about that "other" Captain America movie, in theaters or something on April 4, CraveOnline is giving you what you really want: an exclusive gallery of first-look images from Captain America XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, the latest from the Vivid Superhero imprint that also brought you Man of Steel XXX, She-Hulk XXX and Wolverine XXX. And, as usual, the costumes in the porn parody version look at least arguably better than the theatrical versions. Except maybe for the Batroc the Leaper. Nothing makes Batroc the Leaper look good.”

Kendall Karson and Ash Hollywood at “G-String Cutting” to open Vivid Cabaret NYC. Photo courtesy of Perez

 XCRITIC: VIVID CABARET NYC: “THE BEST IN NEW YORK CITY” – Reporter Rob Perez of was on hand for the grand opening of Vivid Cabaret NYC last week and wrote about it in glowing terms. Perez said he was “welcomed with open arms by an incredible, courteous staff that is far and away the friendliest we've ever encountered. And everywhere we looked our eyes were treated to a bevy of sexy waitresses and drop dead gorgeous dancers that were just too damn tempting to stay away from. Vivid has recruited some real top notch dancers who all took the stage and expertly worked the 20 foot pole and performed tricks that can only be described as death-defying. Dancers climbed and quickly worked their way down the pole, gyrating their bodies with finesse and ease. All we can say is Vivid Cabaret is the best gentleman's club in New York City and the place to go for quality, adult entertainment in a safe but fun environment.”

Perez visited the club during its five-day non-stop Grand Opening party extravaganza, held during the NFL championship football week in New York City. The club was packed each night – with fans and a full roster of entertainers, many of whom flew in from throughout the country.