VIVID REVIEWING PURPORTED IGGY AZALEA SEX TAPE -- Vivid announced on Thursday it has been approached by a third party who claims he represents an individual with rights to a purported sex tape featuring the sexy recording artist Iggy Azalea. Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch says "Iggy is definitely the hottest female rapper today. I believe there would be a huge demand for her sex tape. Iggy has proved that she’s an amazing talent. If there is any tape out there that can rival that of Kim Kardashian, this one is it! We are conducting our due diligence and if we are satisfied with our review, we will definitely try to make a deal to distribute the tape." Vivid’s Iggy news immediately became a media sensation. TMZ reported: “Iggy Azalea allegedly recorded a sex tape that could make her millions upon millions -- according to a Hollywood porn boss, but Iggy tells TMZ she can't cash in on the vid ... because it's NOT her! Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch tells us he has seen some footage which he says appears to be Iggy with an ex-boyfriend -- and from the little he's seen ... he's sure it could easily top Kim Kardashian's legendary sex tape in sales.” Perez Hilton wrote: “Uh oh, is this going to be the next Kim Kardashian-type sex tape!?! Apparently, there's a sex tape being shopped around that involves none other than Miz Iggy Azalea!  YIKES!  Steven Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid Entertainment is alleging that he's seen footage of a tape that includes the Fancy rapper and an ex-BF and it could give Kimmy's tape a run for its money… Just one little problem: Iggy's people are saying it ain’t her.  Her people have told Vivid that it most certainly is not her in the tape and they're ready to sue over it! However, IF it were Iggy in the video and IF she did sign off on it, she could reportedly make millions upon millions from the sales of the tape!  Guess we'll have to wait and see whether the tape will be released or not! Though we're gonna hedge our bets say don't hold your breath on it happening.” News that Vivid was reviewing the purported tape was also carried by InTouch,,, the San Jose Mercury News, the Mirror in the U.K., Huffington Post (which carried the Azalea camp denial) and countless other outlets.

 XCRITIC FEATURES GROUPIES CLIP – has posted “an EXCLUSIVE clip from the upcoming Vivid Entertainment release, Phil Varone's Groupies: The Music From Behind.” XCritic says Varone “doesn't just answer some of the most asked questions, it SHOWS YOU. Some of the topics covered include: How many girls have you had? How do you get girls? Is it easy to get laid? Can you tell us some stories? It also introduces some very hot girls and visits places never before seen except by rock stars.”

 CNBC LOVES THE ‘BUSINESS OF PORN’ – A CNBC program on the changing adult business has been aired multiple times by the network. The national financial news outlet aired the program again last week, including a segment featuring Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch. He’s quoted as saying,”Our first movie was 25 years ago and it's really the same formula: Beautiful girls who work exclusively for the company; movies that cater to couples; and hot sex. Those things haven't changed.” The program notes that the adult business is evolving, and that Vivid is leading the way in meeting today’s challenges. The narrator notes, “no matter how it's defined, porn exists across civilizations throughout time.” And that is a timeless statement.

MEN’S MAGAZINE DAILY INTERVIEWS “PANSEXUAL’ ANNIE CRUZ -- Vivid Radio host Annie Cruz was interviewed recently by Men’s Magazine Daily, the popular website. The lengthy interview by reporter Jon DaBove featured numerous photos of the one-time school bookworm Annie, and began: “The first time I ever saw Annie Cruz was on the Howard Stern show and all I could think to myself is, Wow! Besides being sexy and exotic with a gorgeous little body, she’s the type of woman that seems like she’s open to anything at any time. That’s a hot quality and not one you come across very often. When you a put a girl with that attitude in the adult industry, you’re bound to get some incredible performances and Annie has definitely delivered in that aspect. As if all that weren’t enough, Annie is interesting having been an amateur boxer and a wrestler. Today, she’s an adult industry legend.” During the interview Annie said of her Vivid Radio show: “It’s funny because I studied print journalism in college, and now, I do radio. I had some experience with internet radio several years ago. To be able to get on the air and have an open discussion about some of my favorite sexual things, it is quite the experience for me, and I love every minute of it. It’s the one thing I look forward to doing every week. Fans can hear me or call in any time on