XCRITIC INTERVIEWS ALEXIS AMORE – In the latest of its series of interviews with VividRadio hosts, talks with Alexis Amore. Apache Warrior begins his article: “Ever since Alexis first appeared on screen in her initial sex scene in that double penetration Vivid tryst, fans started to say ;That's Amore!; She wound up as a very memorable sexy and spicy performer. I admire that Ms. Amore has had a lengthy and diverse career. Now, she has her own Vivid Radio show called ‘That's Amore!’ It's nice to see things come full circle for our darling Alexis.” Alexis says of the show, “I want it to be fun and to be able to talk about anything. But also help listeners with any sex advice and have fun topics.” Asked what makes people sexy, she commented: “Eyes, hygiene, lol. I love a guy to be a gentleman and kinky in the bedroom. Same with girls: sexy, classy but a porn star when her man needs her to be.” At a personal level, she says her favorite pastimes are, “hockey, WWE, foodie, Fútbol and football, basketball, well you get it …I love sports. I loveeeeeee cooking and baking. Big on family. I live the beach life.” She also invited readers to check out her show on Vivid radio Wednesdays 1-2 PT and noted that the link to it is

 FRENCH CANAL PLUS SHOW FEATURES STEVEN HIRSCH – Vivid chief Steven Hirsch was interviewed for the “Journal du Hard” program on Canal-Plus, a leading French television network. Steven told show host Sebastien Thoen “There is no question that more women than ever are watching adult films. They want to watch the same thing that I want to watch; good, hot sex.” He also noted that Vivid does “super hero parody movies, which nobody else does. It gives us an edge and makes us a little bit different “ In answer to a question about whether adult movies will ever be truly “mainstream,” Steven said: “For the last 30 years we’ve been talking about the ‘mainstreaming of porn.’ When it all comes together…when Hollywood accepts, we can watch it in theatres. But guess what? I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

 XCRITIC.COM SAYS WETWORK IS “EXCEPTIONAL” – says Wetwork “is one to watch.” The site adds: “This year, Vivid Entertainment's big fall feature is Wetwork from director Eli Cross. Wetwork brings together two of the strongest acting performers in the biz: Penny Pax and Steven St. Croix in a movie that's a spy vs spy sex-tacular thriller. We've had a chance to get an early sneak peek and it's exceptional. For now, Vivid has a trailer up for Wetwork that's sizzling hot. It's this week's clip of the week. The description of the movie begins: “From AVN Award-Winning director Eli Cross comes a story of spies, international intrigue, assassins, and prostitutes of every sort...sexual and political. As ruthless spy Anthony faces a midlife crisis, he must decide whether to keep playing the kiss and tell, murder and mayhem game, or retire.”