FLESHBOT INTERVIEW WITH “NERDY BAD GIRL” ANNIE CRUZ – reporter Holly Kingstown clearly had a great time interviewing Vivid host Annie Cruz. She begins her article: “Nerdy bad girl Annie Cruz is fun as f*ck to listen to on her show on Vivid Radio and sexually, she is a treat.  Cruz embraces all kinks and gives so much in every moment that she is in front of the camera.  She loves comics, cosplay, video games and getting dirty as f*ck when she performs.”  In her interview, Annie says she was a nerd in high school, but she “watched a lot of porn before I started making it. When I was younger, I was more into lesbian porn, and as I got into college, I really started getting into more boy/girl stuff. These days, I’m into more twisted hardcore films with heavy BDSM and rough sex.” Asked what she thinks made her “into the sexually ravenous, kick ass chick that is on screen?” Annie replied: “When the exhibitionist in me decided to come out during my college years, I instantly became the sex-hungry kitten, who just can’t stop. I blame her.” Of her show on, Annie says: ”I love that three times a week, I get to share my real life sexcapades and have an open discussion on various sex topics. One of my favorite things on my show is giving sex advice. I also work as a Dating Coach, so it kind of goes hand in hand.”

 MIC.COM COVERS OLDER WOMEN IN ADULT INDUSTRY – Vivid is featured in an article on popular website that discusses the topic of older women in the adult industry. Under the sub-headline “More room for older women than you'd expect” reporter Randi Newton writes: “When it comes to adult entertainment, including stripping, there is reportedly a market for older women — in this case, women around 30 and up, although it is hard to find data on stripper demographics. ‘There is no question that women in their 30s and 40s are more celebrated and appreciated in adult entertainment,’ Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of adult empire Vivid Entertainment, told Mic.  Hirsch also claims viewers don't discriminate as much as we might assume when it comes to porn. ‘Guys simply like all sorts of women, and we can see the statistics readily on movie selection through VividTV that ages, shapes and sizes are no barriers to fans,’ he said. When it comes to stripping, Hirsch recognized that fact when he recently expanded the Vivid brand to include licensed upscale gentlemen's clubs which hire women of various ages.” Newton also reports: “Thomas Campbell, manager at Vivid Cabaret NYC, says without hesitation that older women are not only 100% welcome but particularly appreciated: ‘I've not only noticed a trend of dancers that are 30 years and older being more accepted, and living a healthy inspirational lifestyle ... with these ladies being so in tune with their health comes a much more youthful and attractive appearance.’

FARRAH BACK ON ‘TEEN MOM’ AND VIVID GETS MENTIONS -- Farrah Abraham is back on the MTV show “Teen Mom.” News of her  unexpected return to the show was reported this week, and with it mentions of her career as a Vivid movie actress. Hollywood News Daily said her MTV career had been shelved because “of her post reality TV career move to make a sex tape with porn star James Deen. The Vivid tape sold tons of copies and made Farrah over $1 million.” And The New York Daily News reported: After the reality series, Abraham went on to do various projects, including starring in the 2013 porn film Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, which she initially described as a ‘personal sex tape’ and later sold it to Vivid Entertainment for reportedly close to $1 million.”