Can't a Girl Catch a Break? Courtney Stodden has finally broken her silence.

Courtney Stodden has finally broken her silence about the solo sex tape that's emerged -- and she sounds positively devastated by the news.

As you know, Courtney's been offered $1M -- with the possibility of earning even more -- for the film by Vivid CEO, Steve Hirsch, and though the world has been waiting for this ever since she got her first set of implants, Courtney's adamant that it's not what it seems ... she says that the tape was made for personal reasons, and was never to see the light of day. ... At least the public's light of day, anyway. Courtney says:

“I’ve been in intense meetings with my attorney & im very unhappy with what has unfolded. I'm not in agreement to release my private video.”

Poor Courtney -- girl just can't keep all that hot under wraps. First the malfunctioning swimsuit top, and now this. What's next?

Hey, no matter what happens, girl -- we support you, and we're in your corner.

Oh, and finally, to y'all ... would you watch this?