COURTNEY STODDEN SEX TAPE CONTROVERSY HEATS UP – Reality TV star Courtney Stodden admits she’s the star of an intimate private video that Vivid wants to distribute, but she has unleashed her lawyer in an attempt keep it from being made public., which has covered Courtney for several years, obtained a copy of a letter sent to Vivid by Stodden’s attorney. Fishwrapper editor Sarah Taylor reports: “Courtney Stodden is mad as hell ... and she's so adamant against having her solo sex tape released to the public that she's sicced an attorney on Vivid Entertainment's Steven Hirsch, in an attempt to stop any distribution of her tape ... which totally exists.  Stodden lawyered up and sent the cease and desist to Vivid ... stating that Vivid is to immediately drop Courtney's tape like a hot potato, and refrain from ever mentioning it again. When asked for a comment, Hirsch said, "We received the letter and we're discussing it internally to figure out what our next step will be.’ As for Courtney ... she's letting all those unhappy vibes slide right off her back.” Coverage of the Stodden solo sex tape story has been extensive, including stories on,,,, FoxNews, and many other sites.

 VIVID RADIO HOST ALEXIS TEXAS HEADLINES AT VIVID LIVE – Vivid Radio host and multi-award winning adult superstar Alexis Texas is headlining at Vivid Live gentlemen’s club in Houston on May 6-9. It is a homecoming appearance for the curvy Alexis, who spent her childhood in Castroville, near San Antonio and made her debut into adult entertainment when she was a college student. She has won industry awards for her performances and also for her butt, a singular body part that has garnered numerous industry accolades as “Favorite,” “Best,” “Hottest” and “Most Heroic.” Her one-hour show on the Vivid Radio network, Alexis Texas: Booty Talk, airs on Mondays from 5-6pm PT at and on the SiriusXM app channel 791.

 MIMI FAUST’S VIVID SEX TAPE IS PART OF VH1 PROMOTION – Controversy surrounds the latest season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and Mimi Faust’s Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta sex tape with Nikko Smith provides much of the fuel. began its coverage of the story this week with this headline: “'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Stars Stevie J And Nikko Smith Butt Heads Over Mimi Faust!” The KPop story said “Nikko talked to Wet Paint and weighed in on his feud with Stevie J, Mimi Faust's ex. ‘We have a problem with the battle of the minds of course,’ he said. ‘I would say that I came in and took his girl, and that's a confidence issue. It kinda crushed his confidence and his ego by doing that, so of course he had a problem with me.’ Meanwhile, in the preview clip from VH1, Mimi and Nikko are not on good terms despite making the infamous sex tape. Mimi said, ‘Nikko does things to get things that he wants. He's that guy.’ She described him as follows: ‘He makes my butt itch.’”