MEDIA REPORTS ON POSSIBLE TAMMY STYCH MOVIE DEAL – TMZ broke a story recently saying that former WWE champ Tammy Sytch is close to a movie deal with Vivid. TMZ said she is “being welcomed in the porn star sisterhood with open arms -- and other stuff -- because the sex game's biggest names say she comes pre-trained for sex-on-cam.” The story immediately went viral, with coverage by many sites, including, which asked in a headline: “Is WWE Legend Tammy Lynn ‘Sunny’ Sytch Becoming a Porn Star?” Headline writers were creative, with TMZ announcing: “Porn Stars Gushing for Her Sex Debut…She Can Pin Me Anytime!” In a follow-up story, TMZ reported: “Vivid tells us the two sides have spoken several times and a 6-figure offer is on the table for Sunny to become a ‘genuine porn star’ -- not just a 1-time sex tape thing.  ‘After the tremendous success of Chyna, this makes total sense. Hoping we can work it out,’” Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch tells us.  We're told the deal is VERY close to being done ... and that Sunny is prepared to start shooting right away.  No word on what the first title would be ... but here are some suggestions: 

‘Piledrivin' - ‘N.W.O-face’ - ‘Monday Night Raw Dog’  - ‘HummerSlam’ - ‘D-Generation Triple-X’ - ‘The People's Anal’

 TMZ also noted that “if Tammy wants to shoot a wrestling themed porn for her debut -- she'll have her pick of co-stars. Missy Martinez told us she's game to go a few rounds -- and host Tanya Tate said, ‘She’s the first ever WWE Diva. I’d like to get pinned by her! Tag me in.’ As for the big swinging male stars -- Nat Turner says, ‘Dude's have been obsessed with her for years so she's already got the fan base. The more the merrier.’ Like a Royal Rumble.. except that's not sweat on the mat.”
Sites picking up the Tammy Sytch story included,, and many others.

 ANNIE CRUZ INTERVIEW ON AIP – Here’s how Annie Cruz began an interview posted by AIP Daily: “I’m Annie Fuckin Cruz, adult performer since 2003, current web/graphic designer, dating coach and radio personality at as The Dirtiest Girl in the World. I’m just a video-game playing, comic book collecting and cross-fitting cosplay geek, who loves to go on adventures.” Discussing her Vivid Radio show, Annie says: “After Vivid had given me the opportunity to have my own show, it all came down to what it should be about. Because crazy things happen in my life so often, it was only appropriate that we make it a part of my show. As ‘The Dirtiest Girl in the World,’ I candidly share my real-life sexcapades and whatever topics I pull from that turn into an open discussion for listeners to call in and share their similar stories or ask questions. I give a lot of sex and dating advice on my show, and I love that I can do that.” Asked what she thought the biggest misconception about the adult industry is, Annie replied: “That people are diseased, come from broken homes or were abused, and/or that all women in the industry are sexual creatures 24/7. While I admit some of us are extremely sexual, we do have other interests outside of smut. No one understands the testing we undergo to keep our industry safe or that the majority of us come from happy homes and were never abused and that a lot of us are actually educated and intelligent.”

 FLESHBOT INTERVIEW WITH NICKI HUNTER – reporter Holly Kingstown conducted one of her “20 Questions” interviews with Vivid Radio host Nicki Hunter, getting spicy answers. Asked about her life before porn, Nicky replied, “I was a sexuality fan more than a porn fan. I watched to learn because I wanted to excel at it. I wanted to be the best in my own personal life with my husband, who I married as a virgin at age 18, and I had sooooo much to learn since I was sheltered growing up. I remember watching a Vivid movie as one of my first movies ever. I still think it's a hot movie… something about a dinner party and fantasies.” She herself became a top performer because of her “love of sex, attention, money and fame! And I wasn't a perfectionist at any art, so porn became my art. I loved it! I wanted to be the most crazy sexual being ever caught on camera.” In answer to a question asking what she wants to do on camera that she hasn’t yet done, Nicki replied: “I am proud to say that there is nothing left on my bucket list. Really… with as many scenes as I’ve done, there isn't anything left! LOL.” She also revealed why she enjoys hosting her Vivid Radio show: “I love the people! The crew makes every day a joy to walk through those doors. Also, it's hot to never know who is going to be calling in, or what they are going to be talking about. I like talking ‘on the fly.’ I hope your readers will tune me in on or on SiriusXM Channel 791.” Asked which is her favorite recent mainstream movie, Nicki replied: ” Avengers!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m such a geek).” also interviewed Jayden Cole. The interview began: “Hot girl/girl performer Jayden Cole recently appeared at Vivid Live Gentlemen's Club in Houston and with her regular Exotic Dancer award wins, you can be sure that it was as great a show as she normally does on camera with hot porn chicks.  She was nominated for All-Girl Performer of the year at the last AVN Awards and well, she really is one of those girls who definitely enjoys the hell out of her lesbian scenes when she isn't doing one of her many HBO or Cinemax shows.” Jayden revealed that her favorite porn star is Vivid Girl and Vivid Radio star Tera Patrick. “I'm inspired by the way she transitioned out of shooting scenes, but still manages to have a successful career built of off the work she's done in the industry.” And, Jayden disclosed that she’s a big celebrity sex tape fan, noting, “Anytime there is a new scandal, like a leaked sex tape, I always have to check it out!”

 COURTNEY MEDIA STORM CONTINUES – Media coverage of Courtney Uncovered: The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape continues unabated. Among the stories is one in The Washington Post with the headline: “Courtney Stodden's 'Crazy Adventure' with Husband.” Noting that Courtney recently “took to Twitter on her fourth wedding anniversary to pay tribute to her husband, 54-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, and tell the world she is still massively in ‘love’ with him.” The story added that “Courtney has caused a media storm in the last few weeks with the release of her sex tape via Vivid Entertainment. After much legal wrangling, the reality TV star inked a deal worth $1-million with the adult company's boss Steven Hirsch to give Vivid exclusive rights to market the footage - featuring her engaged in solo sex acts - but she is reportedly set to give it all to a non-profit organization that benefits young children.” The Post story added: “ released the footage, under the title Courtney Uncovered: The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape, last week and it has quickly gone on to become one of the company's most profitable celebrity sex tapes. Vivid Entertainment has been responsible for the release of a number of erotic films starring famous beauties, including those featuring former Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham.”
Vivid’s Courtney Uncovered was also mentioned in the media recently when US Magazine disclosed that her mother, Krista Keller, quit as her daughter’s manager because of “creative differences.” A Fox411/New York Post Page Six story on Krista’s resignation said the sex tape was “the last straw” leading up to her quitting. The HollywoodGossip was less convinced of that, noting: “No word on whether they butted heads over the ice cream and hot tub theme of the Courtney Stodden sex tape and its obvious, inevitable sequel.”  And, began a contest in which its readers can win a copy of Courtney Uncovered – simply by sending an email to the site telling GuysGabAfterDark why they think they should win the tape.