MIMI FAUST KEEPS TALKING ABOUT HER SEX TAPE – Mimi Faust loves to talk about the sex tape that Vivid released last year. Her talk has been integrated into the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” series and has become a running theme on almost every episode. She now says she wasn’t entirely truthful when she originally talked to the media about the circumstances surrounding her famous sex tape, Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta.. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly,  Mimi  tells reporter Khalea Underwood that since Season 3, she’s told friends and fans that the tape was stolen from Nikko’s bag at the airport. She maintained that Vivid Entertainment, the same company that released Kim Kardashian’s recorded romp with Ray J, got hold of the footage and reached out to the couple to make a deal. In order to profit from the tape, Mimi claimed at the time that she and Nikko were required to film extra scenes to meet Vivid’s requirements. No one is quite clear about what the truth is, but we know it’s out there. Mimi also said that Nikko thought that their lovemaking was like art, and that it needed to be documented for the public eye. Despite her reservations, Mimi went along with it. “We had to say something,” Mimi admits, regarding the lies. “I didn’t tell anybody the truth.” The Us story was picked up by many websites, including and

 TEAGAN PRESLEY HEADLINES AT VIVID LIVE – Adult actress and feature dancer Teagan Presley is scheduled as the headliner at Vivid Live Gentlemen’s Club in Houston June 25-27. Maxim Magazine calls Teagan one of the 12 top female stars in adult entertainment Nightmoves Magazine says she is a Best Feature Dancer. She’s also been an AVN Award winner, has been a Penthouse Pet of the Month and appeared on the HBO show Entourage as a member of the “Pussy Patrol.” Teagan grew up in Houston and trained in dance and gymnastics. She performed in national ballet, jazz and gymnastics competitions and went on to dance with the prestigious Joffrey Ballet and was accepted into the American Ballet Theater. “I know this is going to sound really weird but I love blues music,” says Teagan. “When I hear blues music I feel so sexy. I imagine a movie where a woman is playing the blues and she’s throwing on a sexy little dress or anything like that. That’s the impression that goes into my head and that does it for me to get in the mood. So, I hope the DJ plays some great blues when I’m at Vivid Live. It will be great to be back in Houston.” Teagan will be signing autographs and posing for snapshots during her breaks at Vivid Live

. SHORTandSWEET GIVES SHOUTOUT TO VIVID CABARET NYC – The Sex Files series on website covered Vivid Cabaret NYC this week, calling it “a spot not to be beat,” and adding, “take it on good authority you need to see this one-of-a-kind-location.” Reporter Ralph Greco, Jr. writes that “what Vivid offers its patrons is something quite unique. I thought that about the club previously, but having just seen the outdoor upper area, I now think this even more. A man or lady can buy a cigar, grab a cigarette, take a drink and enjoy the open patio deck of Vivid’s exclusive V.I.P. level (in fact, the grandest of rooms on the V.I.P. floor has access to its own-secluded part-of the outdoor deck area…super cool indeed). As far as the whole of the rooftop, patrons can relax under umbrellas, aided by heaters during the colder nights, across plush couches and chairs, no matter the size of the party. Secluded outdoor areas pepper the upper floors of hotels and nightspots in the city, but what I found so alluring about Vivid’s rooftop is that it is quiet and secluded. Where many clubs are damn well built in and of a rooftop location, Vivid is a fully realized entertainment facility in the floors below; the rooftop is a respite. I was given an exclusive tour by the club’s regional manager, a man I had met previously, Shaun Kevlin, one of the most refined gentlemen you are likely to meet in any club anywhere, not just a strip club. Shaun, like all of the Vivid staff working under him (the staff at Rick’s Cabaret NYC…Vivid’s sister club…as well) simply presents the rooftop as he does the entire club as a spot to be enjoyed fully by whomever enters the club. I have gone on about this before, but Vivid treats their patrons in a way I have never seen people treated, really. From the girl who takes your hat and coat, to the gentlemen seeing you in, to security, to Shaun, this is a top notch operation run perfectly. It is no wonder that the rooftop area is as elegantly designed and kept as everything else in the club.”


 88 MILES WEST INTERVIEWS ANGELA SOMMERS DURING ‘RED HOT’ VIVID LIVE APPEARANCE – Photographer David Block posted a series of outstanding photos on of Angela Somers taken during her recent appearance at Vivid Live Gentlemen’s Club in Houston. The photos included dramatic shots of Sommers’ dancing with flaming torches. Meanwhile, Chad Cooper of interviewed “the lovely and beautiful” Angela, who said she had an “amazing, really, really good time dancing in Houston” during her headline feature gig. In the no holds barred interview she reveals a very active sex life and film career, but disclosed, “I don’t do vegetables and I don’t do fruit.” She said she particularly enjoys doing fetish scenes because she learns new things and “the fans are so appreciative and loyal.” At the tail end of the interview, Cooper said, “you have it all, Angela…you’re the whole package.”