"Teen Mom" Sex Tapes: A Whole Franchise of Their Own?

"Teen Mom" sex tapes are in high demand, if you can believe it ... and it looks like Mackenzie McKee might be considering following in the footsteps of the original "Backdoor Teen Mom," Farrah Abraham -- y'all excited?

Fishwrapper obtained a communication between Vivid.com head honcho, Steve Hirsch, and Mackenzie's rep, and though McKee initially said that she's not interested in peddling her forays into filmed fornication, she just might be meeting with the good folks at Vivid later on this week ... says Hirsch.

Hirsch reached out to McKee after her "lay off or else" statement, and had this to say:

Hi Mackenzie:
I am in receipt of your letter dated June 29th. Although I am not at liberty to discuss how I received footage of you and your husband, rest assured that I will not be releasing it without your approval. With that being said I think it would make sense for the two of us to discuss. As you may know we released the Farrah Abraham sex tape and by her own admission she made over 1m dollars. I feel confident that you can be every bit as successful as Farrah. Let’s meet and discuss all the ways you can profit from this footage. I understand you will be in Los Angeles in the near future and I hope we can get together to discuss. In the meantime rest assured that your footage is safe with us.

We reached out to Hirsch, who confirmed that communication with Mackenzie has been opened. To Fishwrapper, Hirsch says, "We were successful in reaching Mackenzie and are hoping to meet with her this week.”

Since the "Teen Mom" craze seems to be dying a slow death, we think it'd just make sense for McKee to go ahead and embark on this endeavor. After all ... look what it did for Farrah's star factor bank account.