MIMI TELLS ALL TO US WEEKLY ABOUT HER SHOWER SCENE – Us Weekly has an exclusive story on Mimi Faust and the infamous shower scene in her Vivid movie, Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta. The headline reads: “Love and Hip Hop's Mimi Faust Explains the Secret to Her Sex Tape Shower Rod Scene -- Watch!” Reporter Khalea Underwood writes: “Get a grip! Earlier this week, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust came clean to Us Weekly about her infamous 2014 sex tape with ex-boyfriend Nikko London. Now, the 43-year-old mom wants to explain a scene that had fans talking — and experimenting! In Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, Mimi hangs from a shower rod as she and Nikko, 39, get nasty. ‘’I was just hot and sweaty,’ Mimi dishes to Us Weekly. ‘I was beating myself up the whole time about the tape. I never thought that the shower thing would’ve gone so viral.’ Their dirty deed launched many failed experiments, injuries, and, umm…shower rod sales? Last year, TMZ reported that major stores — including Lowe’s, Target, and Walmart — were selling out of strong rods as fans rushed to ‘recreate the Mimi experience.’ At Home Depot, they literally wrote ‘Mimi Shower Rods’ and stuck that where the rod was…because so many people were asking,’ Mimi confirms. While her acrobatics appeared to be impressive, Mimi wants fans to take heed before hanging. ‘Please do not grab onto that shower rod by yourself and think that it’s going to support your weight. It’s not,’ Mimi warns. ‘Your partner has to be holding you up!’”

 KIM K ON THE COVER OF ROLLING STONE; SHE COMMENTS ON HER SEX TAPE – Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Rolling Stone and in an accompanying interview she talks about her Vivid movie, Kim K Superstar: The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape. In answer to a question about Paris Hilton and whether the fact that both made sex tapes brought them closer, Kim tells the magazine: "I don't think she (Paris) was that happy…We didn't really talk about it. I probably would have thought, 'Oh my gosh, let me give her advice,' but we had no communication. Our friendship had fizzled before that." As for the sex tape distributed by Vivid, Rolling Stone quotes Kim as saying: "We're in major confidentiality, so I can't talk about it.” The magazine asks her if she “still thinks about the fact that a great deal of humanity has seen her in flagrante?” and says Kim replies quietly, “I don't really think about it…I thought about it for a long time. But when I get over something, I get over it.”  The Rolling Stone story – and the reference to the sex tape – was picked up widely by such top gossip sites as,, and many others.

 NADIA STYLES TO HOST THE NAUGHTY HOUR ON VIVID RADIO – Adult industry comeback star Nadia Styles is now hosting The Naughty Hour on VividRadio on Wednesdays from 1-2pm PT. Nadia made headlines when she left the adult entertainment industry in 2008 to join an anti-porn organization, staying with the group for just three months. She stayed out of the industry, however, for over six years. She has a different attitude today: “I am not mad at or trying to hurt the industry or anyone involved in it. I respect everyone and the industry. This time around I’m much more grounded and sober-minded than I was back in the day. I’m fully accepting of the business aspect of being an adult film star and I see my return as an opportunity to be better than I was the first time around.” With her Latin background, exotic good looks and a passion for sex, Styles was much in demand as a performer. “When I left the industry,” she says, “it had nothing to do with the business of porn. I was fighting something much more personal and deep within myself. I wasn’t fighting porn. I was fighting against me.” “Nadia’s situation is unique,” says Vivid Radio’s general manager Farrell Hirsch. “For a short time she rebelled against the industry in which she was a star, but later she decided to focus on what was really going on inside herself. What she found was that she missed making adult movies and everything that went along with it, and we’re delighted to have her on the network.”

In an interview with this week, Nadia says: “I came into porn because I needed to pay my rent so I answered an ad in the LA Weekly. They were looking for new models to make adult films. I didn’t hesitate to do it. I was game for the experience from the start. Also, expressing my sexuality has always been easy for me. So when it came to making movies it came naturally to me. I was good at it and I enjoyed it, so I kept doing it.” Asked about the new radio show by AIPDaily reporter Christina, Nadia says: “It had been an opportunity that I have been wanting for a while. I got a text from the general manager for Vivid Radio asking ,’Are you ready?’ I knew right then the opportunity had come. It feels real good to finally be a part of Vivid Radio and have my own show.”

100% REAL TEEN SWINGERS: ATLANTA 2 DEBUTS ON VIVID.COM – 100% Real Teen Swingers: Atlanta 2 has launched on It’s the second teen title in Phil Varone’s popular Vivid series featuring only authentic swingers and follows 100% Real Teen Swingers: Atlanta, which was an immediate hit and left fans wanting more. In the new film Phil revisits Atlanta to take viewers to an intimate party with the city’s hottest teen swingers. The beautiful Addie Juniper, an Atlanta model and swinging enthusiast has organized the party. Her “Juniper Generation” group shows off never-before-seen performances by Penny Jean, Dakota, Amai, Pink Berri Kerri, Conor and CJ. These angel-faced teens love to kick up the heat for Phil and his video camera. Many say the nickname “Hotlanta” is a reflection of Atlanta’s reputation as the center of the New South’s adult entertainment scene. Says Phil: “Atlanta teens set a very high bar long ago for their sexual enthusiasm. 100% Real Teen Swingers: Atlanta 2 demonstrates that this new generation of swingers enjoys sex the way it should be – safe, hot and without inhibition.”