POSSIBLE MACKENZIE MCKEE SEX TAPE MAKES NEWS – Top pop culture sites such as Fishwrapper were abuzz this week about a sex tape reportedly made by “Teen Mom” star Mackenzie McKee. One headline in Fishwrapper over a story by Sarah Taylor asked, “‘Teen Mom’ Sex Tapes: A Whole Franchise of Their Own?” In her story, Taylor reported, “Teen Mom sex tapes are in high demand, if you can believe it ... and it looks like Mackenzie McKee might be considering following in the footsteps of the original Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham -- y'all excited?  Fishwrapper obtained a communication between head honcho, Steve Hirsch, and Mackenzie's rep, and though McKee initially said that she's not interested in peddling her forays into filmed fornication, she just might be meeting with the good folks at Vivid later on this week ... says Hirsch. Hirsch reached out to McKee after her ‘lay off or else’ statement, and had this to say:

Hi Mackenzie: I am in receipt of your letter dated June 29th. Although I am not at liberty to discuss how I received footage of you and your husband, rest assured that I will not be releasing it without your approval. With that being said I think it would make sense for the two of us to discuss. As you may know we released the Farrah Abraham sex tape and by her own admission she made over 1m dollars. I feel confident that you can be every bit as successful as Farrah. Let’s meet and discuss all the ways you can profit from this footage. I understand you will be in Los Angeles in the near future and I hope we can get together to discuss. In the meantime rest assured that your footage is safe with us.

“We reached out to Hirsch, who confirmed that communication with Mackenzie has been opened. To Fishwrapper, Hirsch says, ‘We were successful in reaching Mackenzie and are hoping to meet with her this week.’”
Taylor concluded her story: “We think it'd just make sense for McKee to go ahead and embark on this endeavor. After all ... look what it did for Farrah's star factor bank account.” Later in the week, Taylor wrote that Steven identified the male in McKee’s sex tape as her husband, Josh McKee, adding, “Sources now tell Fishwrapper that Mackenzie's mom notified her daughter -- while she was in Los Angeles, nonetheless -- that Josh picked up and moved out of the family's shared home, because he believes that she's out in Hollywood filming porn as we speak. One thing is certain: it's going to be interesting as hell to see how all of this turns out. And hey ... how hot is Josh McKee, anyway?”  â€¨
The Mackenzie McKee sex tape story was reported by many other sites, including The Ashley's Reality Roundup, and

AVN POSTS STORY ABOUT STEVEN HIRSCH ON CELEB SEX TAPES – Mark Kernes of AVN posted a story recently about Vivid chief Steven Hirsch and his views on celebrity sex tapes. The result was a story with the headline: “At Vivid, Celebrities Continue to Be the Name of the Game” The story takes note of the results of a recent poll taken by Vivid and indicating transgender Caitlyn Jenner should do an adult movie. Steven noted, “Making an adult film might be something for (Caitlyn) to seriously consider. Vivid has worked with a number of transgender performers and they had a very satisfying, positive experience. We would certainly be open to talking to Caitlyn about the possibility." Kernes adds, “While Jenner hopefully mulls over the prospect of displaying her newly revealed sexuality for the adult world to see, Vivid is moving forward on other fronts as well, at least two of which involve featured players from the MTV series Teen Mom, which earlier provided one of Vivid's most successful releases, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, starring Season 1's Farrah Abraham and well-known porn stud James Deen. Vivid is currently in negotiations to release one Season 3 star's existing footage even as it tries to interest another player, this one from Season 2, by dangling a reported $1.5 million in front of her for her on-camera cherry.” Vivid VP Marci Hirsch is quoted as saying, "We hopefully will be meeting with her soon to discuss the situation. There is very little we can say right now." Kernes concludes his story: “But even with McKee's tape in hand, Vivid also began pursuing Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans with an offer similar to that which Abraham had accepted—but according to the website The Ashley, Evans turned them down…’We approached Jenelle Evans as we believe a sex tape with her would be a huge success,’ Marci Hirsch confirmed to AVN. ‘She's currently not interested but we'll see what the future brings.’ But if the past is any indication, what with the decade-long lifespan of High Society magazine spin-off Celebrity Skin, not to mention the still-being-published Celebrity Sleuth and top-rated website Mr. Skin, there's definitely money to be made from mainstream celebrities willing to demonstrate their sexual prowess on camera.”

POLL SAYS CAITLYN SHOULD MAKE A PORNO – A whopping 93% of voters in a recent poll by and Vivid Entertainment say starring in a porno movie would make Caitlyn Jenner feel more like a woman. The majority of voters in the Caitlyn Jenner survey (58%) said that they would prefer to see Caitlyn in a threesome with another man and another woman, more than double those who wanted to see her star with a male (25.8%). Relatively few (9.7%) want to see her appear with a woman and even fewer want to see her perform solo (6.5%). As for the type of movie, just over half (53%) said that they would prefer to see Caitlyn perform in a straight sex movie rather than in a feature with a storyline. As far as costumes are concerned, lingerie was the far and away the top choice for Caitlyn (77.4%) and the nearest other type outfit was a bikini (9.7%). Says Chris Thorne, editor of “The eyes of the world have been focused on Caitlyn and her transition into a woman,” “The media has covered her in jeans, casual wear and evening gowns. Our fans are more curious about what she looks like nude and having sex.”

VIVID RELEASES 100% REAL SWINGERS: TENNESSEE – 100% Real Swingers: Tennessee directed by Phil Varone has launched on The movie demonstrates that Phil has discovered southern hospitality at its raunchiest in Tennessee. The veteran swinger and the former drummer with rock bands Skid Row and Saigon Kick finds that the top attractions for him in Tennessee are not Graceland, the Grand Ole Opry, Dollywood or even the great Smoky Mountains.  He much prefers the swinger resorts where Tennessee couples meet to swap and frolic for the weekend. In 100% Real Swingers: Tennessee he focuses on swinging couples who enjoy a private nudist resort called Pandora’s Forest about 45 minutes outside of Nashville.  While there Varone had full access to the grounds and the members and introduces viewers to all of his eager and amorous new friends who want to share their escapades with the rest of the world. Phil says: “While filming, a couple just enjoying the weekend in Pandora’s Forest wanted to join in the filming fun and make two dreams come true. The husband wanted to watch his wife have sex with another man for the first time; the wife, she wanted to be in an adult movie.  I gave a camera to the husband and he filmed his wife not just with one man, but with as many as she could get her hands on. I’ve been shooting the “100% Real Swingers” series for over three years now and even I was amazed by what I was able to capture.  Pandora’s Forest had one of the best and hottest groups of swingers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, film and have fun with.  This movie has set a bar that I don’t know will ever be beat.”