STEVEN HIRSCH QUOTED IN ‘BUZZFEED’ STORY ON ‘SHADY MUSIC FACTS’ – Buzzfeed writer Kelley Dunlap reported this week on “the truth about Shady Music Facts.” Her story quotes Vivid’s Steven Hirsch on the often reported assertion that “Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has more views than Kanye West’s last nine music videos.” Dunlap writes: “Last year, Vivid Entertainment told TMZ that Kim Kardashian Superstar is the ‘best-selling sex tape of all time’ and has grossed over $50 million since the company first released it in 2007. Shady Music Facts implies that the tape has been viewed somewhere between 123 million and 154 million times. The truth, however, is more complicated. ‘The difference is people have to pay to watch Kim’s movie,’ Vivid founder Steve Hirsch told BuzzFeed Music. ’But, the five-minute free clip has been viewed over 300 million times. On Pornhub alone over 150 million times. And it’s still going!’ So, a more accurate version of this tweet would read: ‘The trailer for Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has more views than Kanye West’s most-viewed music video.’ Which, honestly, is way shadier.”

 GRANNY’S CASTING COUCH RELEASED ON VIVID.COM - Vivid has released Granny’s Casting Couch on The movie is directed by former Saigon Kick/Skid Row rock ‘n roll drummer Phil Varone, whose recent film 100% Real Senior Swingers was an instant hit and showed off his interest in sex with people no matter what their age. In Granny’s Casting Couch, Phil directed four women of a certain age who auditioned as if they were ready for any adventure. They experience the sex of a lifetime.  Sexology experts say there is no age limit on sexuality and sexual activity. The old adage ‘use it or lose it’ seems to apply to enjoying sex well into one’s later years.   The lively cast of “grannies” demonstrates enthusiastically that they know how to use it and they dispel the myth that seniors lose interest in sex. They include Ciara Blue, Kristine Cumz, Tracy Licks and Rebecca. Male actors include Brad Knight, Elijah Case, Sean Ashton and Bill Blast. Says Phil: “Age means nothing when it comes to sex and fun!”

 COURTNEY CHANNELS MARILYN MONROE, BUT VIVID HAS THE FULL PICTURE –Courtney Stodden channels Marilyn Monroe as she flashes her bum from behind a towel in a recent photo shoot she posted on her Twitter account. Courtney can keep posing in sexy shots...but only Vivid has her in her birthday suit, in the recently released Courtney Uncovered: The Stodden Sex Tape. The Daily Mirror of London reported on one recent photo shoot in which Courtney recently posed on Marilyn's bed, noting that she “looks an exact replica of her idol on a picture she shared on Twitter. It features the 20-year-old rocking Marilyn's patented hairdo and beauty spot while posing in front of a leafy garden backdrop. Courtney appears in her element on the black and white picture, in which she hides her modesty with a cleverly-placed towel. But even with the material covering her front there's just the slightest sighting of the reality star's bum on show. The picture was shared with the model's 189,000 followers.  It was captioned: ‘Who said a little skin was such a sin?’ We're sure even Marilyn would be impressed with the effort.” She’d be even more impressed with the major sales the sex tape is generating. Also this week, reported on Courtney’s recent string bikini photo shoot. Bill Swift wrote: “Courtney has been bombarding her social media accounts of late with revealing photos of herself in bikinis and other wardrobe, reminding the world her jugs are too big to fit into overhead compartments or under the seat in front of them. She is a rather impressively curved woman. I'm not sure that bikini was designed for her body. I'm not sure any bikinis are. Still, you've got to wear one. Except in that Vivid tape, of course. Enjoy”

JOSH GETS A TWITTER ACCOUNT, VIVID MAKES NEWS - Mackenzie McKee used Twitter to let the world know that Josh McKee now has his own Twitter account and her disclosure immediately made news, with plenty of mention of Vivid. Wetpaint writer Mehera Bonner reported that Josh “seems to be using Twitter as a means to bestow inspirational nuggets of wisdom upon his followers (such as get a good hold and take charge! Have confidence in your abilities to achieve and conquer!’). Mackenzie and Josh have been making headlines for the past few weeks thanks to their alleged sex tape being released to Vivid Entertainment — they even made a trip out to Los Angeles to talk to Vivid reps! Hopefully this Twitter account will be a good way for Josh to set some rumors straight.”

 FLESHBOT FEATURES 100% REAL SWINGERS - TENNESSEE - Fleshbot writer Holly Kingstown reported this week on 100% Real Swingers—Tennessee. She writes: “Rock and roll director Phil Varone shares Tennessee's private nudist resort Pandora's Forest in this lusty edition of his amateur swingers series, 100% Real Swingers—Tennessee. ‘I’ve been shooting the 100% Real Swingers series for over three years now, and even I was amazed by what I was able to capture. Pandora’s Forest had one of the best and hottest groups of swingers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, filming, and having fun with. This movie has set a bar that I don’t know will ever be beat,’ said Varone of his time shooting this edition. I have to say that this one looks like a true blast. Here is why Varone thought this trip was so much fun:  Skip Dollywood and try to get to Pandora's Forest!”


 VIVID STAYS IN THE NEWS WITH UPCOMING ‘LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA’ SEASON - Season 4 of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” is about to get underway and Mimi Faust’s Vivid sex tape seems to be mentioned in every advance report on the VH1 show. reporter Sherylyn Toda wrote this week: “The upcoming "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season 4 reunion is going to be a blast!” Toda added that Mimi’s ex-boyfriend Stevie J, who is now with Joseline Hernandez “reportedly has his own bombs to explode during the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4 reunion special. Apparently Mimi's partner in the controversial Vivid sex tape, Nikko London (Smith), released last year, is a bisexual.
Stevie revealed that he holds incriminating evidence that will prove Nikko London is indeed a bisexual, Fashion N Style reported. During the reunion shoot, Stevie explained his plans on how to expose London's sexuality.“