VIVID MAKES OFFER TO KYLIE JENNER  Vivid made pop culture media headlines this week with an offer of up to $10-million to Kylie Jenner, who turned 18 last weekend, to make a sex tape with her boyfriend Tyga. News of the offer broke on TMZ, which reported: “TMZ has learned Vivid Entertainment has already fired off a letter to the freshly-minted adult, offering her a $10-million deal for a video featuring her and Tyga.” Also on top of the news was ET, which reported: “In a letter obtained by ET, Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid Entertainment, which famously released Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J in 2007, writes that Kylie and the 25-year-old rapper ‘remind us a lot of Kim and Ray J,’ adding that ‘We think a tape with both of you would do great as you are both already established celebrities. Vivid has a history of success with a Kardashian family tape,’ the letter reads. Kim and Ray J star in the best selling sex tape in the history of Vivid and we think a Kylie and Tyga tape has as much, if not more, potential,’ Hirsch suggests, adding, ‘Kim's sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you.’" Reports about Steven’s letter to Kylie also appeared on many sites, including Starcasm, FoxNews, Scoopnest, Inside Edition, WUSA9 and RumorFix, which reported: “With all the nearly nude selfies Kylie Jenner takes, there’s no wonder porn sites have been hitting her up for a deal ever since the day she turned 18. The reality starlet, who turned 18 years old last weekend, has been approached by (Vivid) to do a porno…” Another follow-up story on KPopStarz about photos taken during a recent trip to Mexico by Kylie and Tyga said: “The published photos of their Mexico vacation came on the heels of the report that Kylie Jenner and Tyga were offered to do sex tape by Vivid Entertainment for $10 million. And rapper Tyga, who was reported to be having money troubles since his albums were not well-received in the charts, is allegedly considering the offer.”

STEVEN HIRSCH QUOTED IN ‘PORN AND POLITICS’ STORY  Popular mainstream entertainment website TheWrap this week carried a news story on “porn and politics” that used a quote from Vivid’s Steven Hirsch. The story read in part: “’There’s no question that porn is everywhere,’ Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch told TheWrap. ‘It’s more accepted than ever before. You can watch it on the Internet, you can watch it on TV. Does that translate into political power? It may. But if it happens, it happens behind the scenes.” The Wrap story itself was covered by AVN.

 VIVID RADIO POLL ASKS ABOUT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SEX TAPE SCANDAL  More than 1,000 predominantly male listeners to were asked which of the current presidential candidates was most likely to be caught up in a sex tape scandal. The clear “winner” was Republican Carly Fiorina, followed by Democrat Hillary Clinton. Listeners who called in were asked for their thoughts on a possible sex tape scandal and 89% said that if there is such an event it most likely will involve Ms. Fiorina, with 11% choosing Ms. Clinton. None of the respondents felt such a scandal would involve one of the male candidates. The all-porn-star hosts of the sexy radio broadcasts of the most listened to adult radio network had their own thoughts on a possible sex scandal. Tanya Tate said: "I find it hard to believe there is not already a Donald Trump sex tape floating around. A person with that type of over-inflated ego would probably enjoy reliving his desecration of the poor soul he managed to cajole into his bedroom. As for Hillary Clinton, I don't think she has 'a' sex tape; I think she and Bill have a library of naughty home movies." April Flores believes Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Jim Webb would be the most likely to turn up in a sex scandal while Nicki Hunter thinks it would involve Trump and Clinton. Monique Alexander thought that Bush and Democrat Bernie Sanders were likely to turn up in a scandal. Joanna Angel said such a tape would probably involve “Hillary, because that would be some sweet revenge, wouldn't it?”   And Mary Carey, herself a former candidate for governor of California, said that she would select Marco Rubio “because he has a hot wife who was a Dolphins cheerleader, which means he might be more fun in the bedroom and he is the hottest candidate so I would definitely do a tape with him.”

 ‘BOSCH’ SERIES FILMS AT VIVID – Producers of the Amazon Prime ‘Bosch’ series used the Vivid Entertainment headquarters in Los Angeles as the setting for one of its season two episodes. The series features Titus Welliver as veteran LAPD homicide detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch deploying his unbending code of ethics and strict sense of justice. Amazon Studios vice president Roy Price says he is “very excited” about the new season of ‘Bosch,’ which is “our biggest show of the year.” The Vivid headquarters are near Universal City on Cahuenga Boulevard West.

 VIVID CABARET NEW YORK GIRLS ARE THE “ROUND CARD BEAUTIES” AT LIVE BROADWAY BOXING SHOW  Three Vivid Cabaret New York Girls wearing Vivid Cabaret logo baby tee-shirts were the "Round Card Beauties" at a recent sold-out "Broadway Boxing" show at BB Kings in Times Square. The event was taped for airing on SNY-TV (the official home of the NY Mets, NY Jets, and the Big East), and on several Comcast Sports TV stations. Rapper/actor “50 Cent” was in the audience, and posed for photos with two of the Vivid Cabaret New York girls sitting on his lap. There was wide sports and celebrity media coverage of those photos last month and a second round of coverage featuring the Vivid Cabaret NYC girls wearing their round card girl outfits is currently appearing across numerous men’s lifestyle media such as TMRZoo.