KIMBERLY KANE’S FAMILY SECRETS RELEASED SEPTEMBER 1st - Kimberly Kane’s Family Secrets, a dramatic new adult suspense feature, was released on September 1st online at, The award-winning, multi-faceted artist’s talent is on full display in her new feature, which she co-wrote with Rex Owen and in which she directs and acts. Her fans will love the storyline, which mixes dramatic high tension with sizzling sex scenes. The movie tells the story of a young woman whose body is discovered on a popular San Francisco beach and the unfolding web of lies, sexual depravity and dark “family secrets” that leaves everyone as a suspect. Kimberly plays a gorgeous but hardboiled detective in charge of the case and her expertly cast group of actors includes Penny Pax, Claire Robbins, Princess Donna, Steven St. Croix, Tommy Pistol, Danny Wylde, Richie Calhoun and Kylie Ireland. Says Kimberly: “Family Secrets is a neo noir mystery with intense sex scenarios. We shot on location in San Francisco which gives the movie a unique overtone. All of the actors/actresses in the movie are A-list and all of the performances are career bests. I’m extremely excited for people to see this movie.”

 ASH’S NIGHT OFF IN NYC – VividRadio host and adult film star Ash Hollywood was in New York City last week. She stopped by Vivid Cabaret New York and posed for photos on the Roof Deck. Male targeted media writers were asked the question, “What Do Porn Stars Do On Their Night Off?” Initial stories on and had the answer: they go to Vivid Cabaret NYC and enjoy the “gorgeous entertainers.” The stories were full of praise for the club and photos of Ash Hollywood reveal her having a great time, visiting various nooks and crannies of the club, getting a lap dance in the VIP Suite and smoking a cigar on the Roof Deck. Vivid Cabaret NYC was also featured in an essay written for the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas by Dr. Victoria. She singles it out as one of the “high-end gentleman clubs popping-up throughout the U.S., noting that “Rick’s Cabaret is the premier operator of gentlemen’s clubs across the country, including two in New York City…Rick’s newer club, Vivid Cabaret was developed under a name licensing agreement with leading adult movie studio Vivid Entertainment…”

 KRISTINA ROSE PREVIEWS HER VIVID RADIO SHOW – In an interview with Ralph Greco of ShortandSweet NYC Kristina Rose gives a preview of what her new Vivid Radio show will be like. She says she looks forward to opening her phone lines to calls from prison inmates because “I was born ready; they’re not ready for me! Every girl likes something different. Some girls are into bad boys. I like the guys that try to kill the bad boys and do time for it.” She said her show will be about “all my sexual escapades and my slutty girl wisdom. I think what I really do best is tell stories about the guys I make give me head.” Kristina’s show program “Canela Tales” airs on Wednesdays at 4-5pm PT.

 KIM KARDASHIAN HAS “ALWAYS DESERVED YOUR RESPECT” – Writing this week for The Daily Beast, journalist Marlow Stern reported: “She is body- and slut-shamed left and right—even while pregnant during the VMAs. But the reality is that Kim Kardashian was never a ‘ho,’ and has always deserved your respect.” Stern makes extensive reference to Kim’s Vivid movie, Kim K Superstar: the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape. Stern writes of the controversy surrounding Kim: “In other words, it all comes down to the sex tape. There are several things wrong with this. First, it’s wrong to consider any woman who works in porn a ‘ho,’ period. Everyone watches porn—hell, Donald Trump once copped to watching Paris Hilton’s sex tape with his wife Melania, and he’s been a family friend of Paris’s since she was 12—and Kardashian’s is the best-selling sex tape ever, which means a lot of people got off on it.” Stern recounts the filming in the early 2000s of “that notorious sex tape with Ray J” and adds, “flash forward to February 2007. That sex tape is purchased by Vivid Entertainment and released. In October, the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres on E!, and the rest is history. Both Kardashian and Ray J claim to have no idea who leaked the tape, with the latter telling ET that there was ‘a lot of yelling and screaming’ between them when it did ‘because I didn’t know where it was coming from, she didn’t know until we found out, and then we just had to deal with it from there since everybody’s seen it and it’s on every website’…there’s no actual proof of who sold the tape to Vivid—the company has long claimed it was a ‘third party.’ Kardashian immediately filed suit against Vivid to block the distribution of the tape. But by then, as Ray J attested, everyone had already seen it… With the tape having already gone viral, Kardashian chose to settle with Vivid for $5 million.”