BRETT ROSSI BREAKS NEWS ON VIVID RADIO Brett Rossi, former fiancée of Charlie Sheen, appeared last Friday on the VividRadio show “The Single Life” starring Sam Phillips and broke the news that she was returning to the adult entertainment industry, which she left in May of 2013. Rossi was engaged to Sheen for almost a year. The relationship ended in mid-October of 2014. Rossi recently filed a lawsuit against the man she once called her “Prince Charming,” accusing the actor of assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment and negligence. She also said that Sheen concealed his HIV status and engaged in unprotected sex with her at the beginning their relationship, but that was not why she was suing. On “The Single Life” program Rossi and Phillips bantered about having both posed for Penthouse magazine, but in different decades. Phillips teased Rossi about her upcoming big announcement and in the second half of the show Rossi said, “Yes, the rumors are true. I’m coming back to porn.” She went on to report that she filmed her first new scene in VR and that she found it was “just like riding a bike.” But, since it was VR, she said had to “really pay attention to the camera.” She added that the real reason she was returning to the industry was because “mainstream is so boring” and she admitted that there was a bit of a “culture shock” between mainstream and adult filming. The Brett Rossi announcement was covered by the Toronto Sun,, AVN, and many other sites.

DYKSTRA AS SANTA STOPS BY VIVID CABARET Vivid Cabaret NYC was in the news this week when it was revealed on TMZ and in The New York Daily News that former major league baseball great Lennie Dykstra dropped by dressed as Santa Claus. TMZ reported: “Santa got some ass Wednesday night.  Here's video of Lenny Dykstra ... dressed as St. Nick ... getting felt up and down by a bunch of strippers at Vivid Cabaret in NYC.” Dykstra took time out from his Santa duties to criticize MLB for denying Pete Rose a hall of fame slot.Vivid Cabaret also got media coverage when some of the strippers dressed up as super heroes during the annual ComicCon event at nearby Javits Center. 

 SAVANNA SAMSON PAYS VISIT TO VIVID CABARET AND SANTA Former Vivid Girl Savanna Samson stopped by Vivid Cabaret NYC this week and met up with Santa Claus, who invited her to sit on his lap. Photographers nearby took advantage of the event and their pictures got widespread coverage, beginning with an article in The TMZoo article said, “Santa Claus was spotted at Vivid Cabaret New York, the upscale three-story gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan known for having the city’s tallest stripper pole and its seeming endless supply of gorgeous entertainers. He set up shop on the club’s Roof Top Garden and Cigar Lounge, where he enjoyed the company of several Vivid Cabaret NYC girls clad in holiday outfits. Former Vivid Girl and Hall of Fame adult movie superstar Savanna Samson stropped by to see Santa. He asked her if she has been naughty or nice and she told him, “I used to be naughty, but now I’m nice.”

 MARY CAREY JOINS THE BOYS ON BOOM BOOM PODCAST  Vivid Radio host Mary Carey was a guest recently on the Boom Boom Club podcast. The wide ranging interview covered a multitude of topics, from sex to politics. Mary said she has recently completed work on two reality shows and loved the experience. “I love everything on camera, obviously!” The one time candidate for governor in California (she says she came in 10th out of 130 hopefuls) says she will “do better if I run again. I’d do better than Donald Trump. To defeat him, I’d flash my boobs.” She said Trump is doing well in his run for the Republican nomination for president “because he’s not a trained politician saying practiced things. He just blurts out what’s on his mind.” She also put in a pitch for her program, where she says she’s “known as the party girl. We talk about sex and I get to say whatever I want.”