LOS ANGELES FEB 8TH 2016 Vivid Radio, the world’s most listened to adult radio network,  will present a week-long set of experts from Monday, Feb. 8 to Friday Feb.12, to guide you to a perfect Valentine’s Day.  All of the experts will be on adult actress Christy Canyon’s popular show on at 2-4 pm PT daily and can be heard at both and on the VividXM app channel 791.

MONDAY FEB 8TH Erica Spiegelman, a counselor, writer and speaker will focus on the mind, body, spirit connection. She will talk about how technology has changed sex and how you can benefit from developments.

TUESDAY FEB 9TH Judith Claire is a relationship counselor who believes in happy endings. She knows how you should be open about your sexual secrets and what turns you on sexually.

WEDNESDAY FEB 10TH Joanie Marx is the best-selling author of Facelifts, Money and Prince Charming: Break Baby Boomer Myths & Live Your Life. She says that sex never gets old.

THURSDAY FEB 11TH Jacquie Jordan, co-author of Love Like a God (Absolute Love Publishing), will discuss why we get off on sex scandals.

FRIDAY FEB 12TH Damona Hoffman, the author of Dear Mrs. D, knows all the ins and outs of how to succeed in online dating and how to seal the deal.

In addition, Sam Phillips will host a Valentine’s Day special on her show "The Single Life" Friday, Feb. 12 at 11 am PT with seven of her favorite porn couples.

  VIVID RADIO HOST CHRIST CANYON No one knows more about sex than Vivid Radio hosts. All of them are either legendary or current top adult stars who have vast experience in talking to men about sex during the network’s 45 hours a week of original programming. Visit and click on “hosts” to see the 21 beautiful women hosts with their own shows, and to sample some of the programming free. All programming is archived in case you miss one of the experts or want to hear the show again.

ABOUT VIVID Founded in 1984, Vivid Entertainment is known as the leading source for quality erotic film entertainment. It achieves wide brand-name awareness through its films, innovative marketing and licensing programs for products ranging from condoms to vodka and apparel to gentlemen's clubs. Vivid's movies are seen online, in DVD, VOD and on VividTV worldwide. Its Vivid-Celeb imprint made "celebrity sex tape" a household word and helped launch the Kardashian phenomenon in the process. Vivid is the most awarded studio in the history of the industry. Vivid’s 24/7 radio channel is available on and the SiriusXM app 791. For more on Vivid visit or