VIVID MAKES OFFER TO TED CRUZ TMZ broke the story this week that Vivid had made a celebrity sex tape offer to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. The TMZ article read: “Ted Cruz could fill his campaign coffers with a million bucks ... with a teeny tiny string attached -- he has to star in a porn flick.    As you probably know, back in the day, Ted rhapsodized about starring in a ‘teen tit film.’ Well, not unexpectedly, Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch has extended Mr. Cruz an offer to star in an XXX film -- far more graphic than an '80s boob movie. Hirsch suggests the title, Cruzin for Bush. He's willing to donate $1 million through the Super Pac of Ted's choice.” So far no response from Cruz. The story was covered by numerous other sites, including and, which added this detail: “In a video released last month, a young Ted Cruz professed, ‘My aspiration is to, oh, I dunno, be in a teen tit film like that guy who played Horatio. You know, he was in Malibu Bikini Beach Shop?’ Cruz later admitted that he sought ‘world domination’- hence his presidential run. Hirsch noted Cruz’s budding desire to be in a sex film in his letter, saying, ‘I noticed one goal was to be a porn star and I want to give you a chance to do just that. I will donate $1 million to your campaign through any Super Pac you want. In return all you need to do is show off your sexual prowess for all the world to see.’ Hirsch also said he would be amenable to making the film in Cruz’s ‘home country of Canada.’”

 FLESHBOT COVERS MARY CAREY THOUGHTS ON IOWA CAUCUS Following the Iowa presidential nominating caucus earlier this month, Vivid Radio host Mary Carey provided her own inimitable thoughts, which were published by, in a story by reporter Holly Kingstown, who wrote: “AVN Hall of Famer Mary Carey is super informed on the American political landscape, and she would have made a damn fine governor of the state of California if the voters there had elected her. Anyway, this is a super important presidential election—there may be as many as three Supreme Court appointments for the next president to make—so I checked in with Carey to get her views on what happened with the Iowa caucuses. ‘This was the biggest turnout ever for any Iowa Caucus. I think voting is something that we in America are so lucky to be able to do, and so few people take advantage of the opportunity to be heard. Marco Rubio came from behind, just like I do! No, but on a serious note, I have loved him since I heard him speak for Mitt Romney years ago and he was not projected to do as well as he did. When he first announced running, he was down in about tenth place, and to come in third was great for him. I loved his speech, much better than any other candidate. He inspired us as Americans. He also brought his wife, a former Dolphins cheerleader onstage with his family, and she was hot and his family was beautiful. Ted Cruz reminded me even more why he is not one of the top five candidates that I like. I found his speech to be phony and fake. I was not happy he placed No. 1 and he seems like he would be very boring in bed. I love that Bernie has such a strong pull with voters under 29 and was able to bring so many first-time voters out. He was the Democratic winner, in my opinion. Even though it was announced that Hillary won, I think it was really Bernie. Overall, Donald Trump has made this election one of the most fascinating in American history and I can't wait to keep watching it unfold.’"

 TAMMY SYTCH MOVIE GETS MORE MEDIA ATTENTION Sunny Side Up, Vivid’s new celebrity sex tape starring world famous female pro wrestling legend Tammy Lynn “Sunny” Sytch, continues to win media buzz. Sunny Side Up made its debut on and VividTV, and is now out on DVD. Popular website Egotastic wrote this about the new movie:   “Where do you go after a Hall of Fame career as a WWE Diva? Well, Tammy Lynn "Sunny" Sytch chose to share her truer enduring talents with the prurient ogling world by way of Sunny Side Up, a celebrity sex tape with Vivid. I'm not saying this choice is for everyone, but if she went barista, we probably wouldn't seen her bodacious body taking more blows than she ever did in the world of professional wrestling. Our good friends at Vivid are rather proud of Sunny Side Up, available for sale now at Vivid. Or, for the literary types, a copy of Sunny's memoirs filled with all her WWE secrets, A Star Shattered: The Rise and Fall and Rise of a Wrestling Diva” is available from Riverdale Ave. Books.