VIVID ENTERS DAILY FANTASY SPORTS MARKET A headline last week on authoritative website read: “Porn Giant Vivid Wants to Rescue Daily Fantasy Sports.” The news story was picked up widely by other media, including, which went on to report: “Adult entertainment giant Vivid Entertainment has entered the daily fantasy sports market with the launch of its Vivid Sports 4 Money offering, powered by the Sportech and Viggle Inc. joint venture DraftDay. The real-money site has gone live just over a year after Vivid entered into an agreement with Draft Day, which was then owned by MGT Capital Investments’ MGT Sports subsidiary. The site aims to leverage Vivid’s huge adult audience,  which the company says is very similar to the DFS audience - 80 per cent male with an average age of 34. Site co-founder Bill Asher stated that marketing strategies used to attract people to porn sites can also be used to grow the DFS player base. The company has said it will promote the new site via and its other websites, as well as through Vivid Radio, Vivid TV, and other marketing platforms. Vivid was established in 1984 and generates an estimated $100m in annual revenue. The DFS offering marks the biggest white-label DFS launch to date.” The story also appeared on and numerous business and gaming outlets.

 CELEB SEX-TAPE STAR COURTNEY STODDEN IN THE NEWS The Daily Star of London was just one of the newspapers to carry stories recently about Courtney Stodden posing naked for “National Donut Day,” also known as “Sticky Bun Day.” She’s the star of Vivid’s Courtney Uncovered: The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape. The Daily Star story reported: “So thank goodness for Courtney Stodden, who gives her photo shoots a unique twist – usually involving nudity and food. After posing with donuts on her bits to mark National Donut Day, the platinum blonde pin-up has stripped starkers again to mark celebrate… er, sticky buns. Yep, sticky buns have their own national day. Courtney took to Instagram to show what she does after a long day baking in the kitchen. The 21-year-old lay down on her marble countertop in the nude, with enough sideboob to capsize a small boat on display…It appears Courtney's favorite hobby is looking literally good enough to eat – in her solo vivid sex tape, the bombshell smothered her curves with ice-cream and sprinkles. Courtney is looking more and more like her idol Marilyn Monroe these days, and has hinted that surgery may be behind her doppelgänger status.” Courtney is married to actor Doug Hutchison. This week wrote about Courtney’s plastic surgery and posted a visual and a link to photos from her Vivid movie. Writer Sarah Taylor reported: “Courtney Stodden might not be your cup of tea, but there's just something silly and genuine and likable about her. You might not agree with all of her decisions, or ways of managing her career, or even her husband -- who really does get hotter as the years go by -- there just might be something to marrying a younger woman -- but you have to admit: she's entertaining as hell. She recently had a nose job, which ET was lucky enough to cover, and if pics of her on anesthesia don't have you laughing, just wait 'til you see the whole video.”

 NAKED NEWS ANCHOR TALKS ABOUT WOMEN’S HOT BUTTONS ON VIVID RADIO Naked News anchor Madison Banes went on this week with host Ashley Blue to talk about where to touch a woman to turn her on instantly. Madison suggests that five to ten minutes of foreplay focused on the lady’s neck, inner thighs and breasts should do the trick. Oh, and make sure you use your whole hand on the breast, at both top and bottom, not just the nipples.