CHRISTY CANYON’S VIVID RADIO SHOW KEEPS GAINING FANS Christy Canyon’s daily show on Vivid Radio (2-4 pm, PT) has been popular from the day of its debut and it continues to build an audience of loyal fans. An ever-increasing number of callers lights up the switchboard when Canyon comes on the air, asking her questions about a wide variety of sexual topics, all of which are answered candidly and respectfully. Canyon’s best-selling memoir, “Lights, Camera, Sex! An Autobiography” also continues to be one of the top sellers by a porn star. The book received praise from her fans, including a review posted on Amazon by reader Rob Hardy that noted, “Among the jobs you don't want to tell your parents you got is porn star. In a way this was easy for Christy Canyon. At eighteen, she wasn't speaking to her parents anyway, and she had left them to get on her own. Nonetheless, one of the themes that even the most conservative will approve of in Lights, Camera, Sex! An Autobiography is that Christy loved her family, as disrupted and misguided as her parents may have sometimes been, and wanted to be back with them and accepted. It won't be giving anything away to say that she got her wish.” Hardy says Christy tells the stories of her porn career in “an unexpectedly sophisticated way…she learned she enjoyed sex when it was with another woman, or with more than one person, and she did not at all mind getting paid for it.” Among the reviews is one from sex-educator Dr. Susan Block, who says, “Who says porn stars are angels? This one is obviously a real human being, and a very talented one at that, capable of captivating one generation with her knockout body, and now, perhaps, another one with her engaging writing.”

 STEVEN HIRSCH IN MARCH XBIZ PREMIERE The March issue of XBiz Premiere magazine ran a multi page article ( starts on page 56) titled “Steven Hirsch Shines in Icon Interview.” The article recapped Steven’s interview at the recent XBiz Expo in L.A. It included a three-column-wide photo of Steven with Alec Helmy, publisher of XBiz.   Steven was also in the national news earlier in March when he was quoted in an issue of Life & Style Magazine, which covered news about his opinion on the value of a possible Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna sex tape: “’We would be very interested in buying or producing it,’ Steven Hirsch, the founder of Vivid Entertainment, told the magazine. ‘We think it would be worth about $1 million.’" The story was picked up by other outlets, including radaronline, inquisitor, rollingout, rumorfix, wetpaint, freddyo, nanonews, australiancurriculum, newsgrio, notey,, the newstrack, and many others.

 VIVID MOVIES REVIEWED BY RICK BLALOCK OF CINEMAHEADCHEESE‏ Movie reviewer Rick Blalock of CinemaHeadCheese can’t get enough of reviewing Vivid films. He gives Debbie Loves Dallas eight stars out of ten, noting at the beginning of his review: “First things first.  Yes, Debbie Loves Dallas is a film that was shot in 2006, and then subsequently released in 2007, making this a 9 year old film.  I am fully aware of this, however, after my recent review of Vivid's remake of Behind The Green Door, I decided to go after more of them.  Why?  Because it was fun.” He says the Eon McKai film features “an ensemble cast that's the who's who of porn's alt, proper and past, a completely fresh take on a classic adult film, and the cynical humor that we've come to expect from him.” Blalock also reviewed Debbie Does Dallas Again, giving it 8.5 out of 10. He says of the Paul Thomas film: “Thomas and the writers eventually came up with a unique spin on the whole "Debbie" thing.  What we have here is something that is essentially, Bring It On, meets Heaven Can Wait.  It has the comedy and wit of Bring It On, and the element of reincarnation of Heaven Can Wait, the combination of the two, is both fun, and enjoyable.  So enjoyable, that I have now seen this one several times since it was released in 2007.  It is just a lot of fun to revisit.  It's expertly directed, has great production value/sets, and has characters that are both vivid(no pun intended), and memorable.”