SYNDERGAARD NAMED PLAYER OF THE MONTH BY SPORTS BYLINE USA BROADCAST NETWORK AND VIVID -- and Sports Overnight America have named New York Mets’ Noah Syndergaard the player of the month for May. Syndergaard’s achievements will be celebrated and discussed on the two networks’ Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segment on Tuesday, May 10. Gerrie Burke, sports guru and popular radio host of Sports Overnight America (a Sports Byline USA radio show) will talk about Syndergaard from a baseball point-of-view when he appears Tuesday on the Annie Cruz show The Dirtiest Girl in the World on from 6 to 7 pm PT. In return Annie will be on Burke’s show at 11 pm PT. Farrell Hirsch, general manager of Vivid Radio, says: “This is our second segment highlighting a current MLB player and giving our audiences two dramatically different viewpoints on why he is hot. We’re all excited about the fan response to our first segment and feel that the programs on Syndergaard should be terrific as well.” Burke added, “The appeal of talking baseball with a beautiful woman is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. While Annie might not know the stats and nuances of Syndergaard the player, you can bet she has opinions on Syndergaard the man.” Burke adds fun to each Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segment by giving away some best-selling Vivid Entertainment movies during his show.

The Player of the Month selection follows the announcement of Vivid Radio’s choices for a dream team of players they would most like to make a movie with. The 21 hosts chose a nine player team, listed below in alphabetical order along with comments from some of the hosts:

Paul Goldschmidt, first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks. “I’m already accused of being a gold digger so I might as well dig Goldschmidt.” (Brandy Aniston)

Dee Gordon, second baseman for the Miami Marlins. “His name reminds me of G. Gordon Liddy and I’m a Watergate buff so that sort of makes sense.” (Kristina Rose)

Evan Longoria, third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays. “He’s married to a Playboy Playmate so I’m goin’ for the double play. Get it?” (Ash Hollywood)

Andrew McCutchen, center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates. “He seems like a thoroughly decent guy that I could have fun messing up.” (Ana Foxxx)

Buster Posey, catcher for the San Francisco Giants. “Catchers spend the whole game bending over and being on their knees. Can I have one of those guys?” (Aiden Starr)

Giancarlo Stanton, right fielder for the Miami Marlins. “Classy, a throwback. He’s like a Dimaggio and I could be Marilyn.” (Christy Canyon)

Trevor Story, shortstop for the Colorado Rockies. “He’s a brand new rookie who seems like a virgin to me.” (Julia Ann)

Noah Syndergaard, pitcher for the New York Mets. “They call him THOR and he looks like a movie star super hero. I’m into that hair and the muscles.” (Annie Cruz)

Mike Trout, center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels. “He’s the best player. I’m not into baseball so, if I‘m going to do one of the players it should be the best, right?” (Katie Morgan)

The other hosts in on the selection process included Alexis Texas, April Flores, Ashley Blue, Jelena Jensen, Joanna Angel, Mary Carey, Monique Alexander, Nadia Styles, Nicki Hunter, Sam Phillips, Tanya Tate and Tori Welles.

 NEW MILES FROM NEEDLES REVIEW: “GREAT” – Veteran adult film reviewer Rick Blalock has a new review out this week on of the 2007 Vivid film Miles from Needles. Blalock writes that “Miles from Needles is a film that I went into with fairly high expectations. So, did it pay off? Absolutely. It is a film that has plenty about it to enjoy. A great cast, great sex, as well as a well-rounded story, with an overall outcome which feels complete. For an adult feature, that's an accomplishment.” Blalock notes that some reviewers thought of Miles from Needles  as a blend of Thelma and Louise and House of 1000 Corpses. He writes: “"Well, is it?", you ask. Well, color me surprised, because no matter how much I might have doubted it initially, prior to seeing it, Miles from Needles, actually IS a lot like those 2 aforementioned films…it is a pretty damn good film.”

 TONY BATMAN LAUNCHES CHYNA FILM GIVEAWAY – The latest tribute to Chyna comes from Tony Batman in the form of an opportunity to win copies of one of her Vivid films. He writes on the “A Entertainment News” site that “Vivid Loves Chyna…and always will.  As a tribute to a true superstar in our movies, in wrestling and in life (his site) is giving away DVDs of her title Chyna is Queen of the Ring to five lucky visitors to Chyna made four movies with Vivid and you can check out all of them on  She had planned to discuss making more movies before she left us much too soon. Just send an email to and we’ll select a winner at random every day for five days starting on May 5th”