VICE FEATURES BRANDY ANISTON – Popular website featured Vivid Radio host Brandy Aniston in an article headlined: “Parenting Advice from Real-Life Porn Star MILFs.” The story by Chris Nieratko began, “Porn stars are just like us. Really. They might make more money, have more sex, and enjoy their jobs far more than most people, but nearly every woman in the adult business I've interviewed over the past 20 years has had the same basic desires: be loved, be happy, and make it to the end of the life's road in one piece and hopefully not hurt anyone in the process. I've also come to realize since having my first child nearly seven years ago that I can relate more to the parenting beliefs and techniques of people who are ostracized for doing porn than I can with almost any parent in the suburbs of New Jersey…When it comes to parenting, people question not only how they raise their children, but if they should even be allowed to have kids at all. It takes a very confident person to endure that level of bullshit. I applaud all the mothers out there, today and every day, especially the real-life porn MILFs.” Brandy, who has an 11-year-old son, was quoted as saying: “For me mom-life and work-life are two separate things. I don't perform much anymore, and I focus more on my Vivid Radio show. Plus, I don't bring him to industry parties or anything like that. I suppose that would be a big tip for moms: don't bring your kids to adult industry parties. I am not as free as some people about bringing my son into an environment where there's nakedness. That might sound funny coming from a porn star mom, but I'm pretty protective. I'm not walking around the house nude. Mom has tattoos and pierced nipples and he's 11 years old; I don't think it's super appropriate. I understand it with moms and daughters, but a mom with a son is different…But if you can get your child to accept sexuality, like we have, I think the world would be a better place.” The full segment is available at:

 ANNIE CRUZ TEAMS WITH SPORTS OVERNIGHT AMERICA – Vivid Radio host Annie Cruz stepped into professional sports this week when she hosted
sports guru and popular radio personality Gerrie Burke. The occasion was Burke’s appearance on Annie’s show, The Dirtiest Girl in the World, during which they discussed their selection of New York Mets pitcher Noah “Thor” Syndergaard as their ‘Player of the Month” for May. Syndergaard was chosen by Vivid Radio and Burke’s show, Sports Overnight America (a Sports Byline USA radio show), which featured the choice on the two networks’ Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segment on May 10. Burke said that “while Annie might not know the stats and nuances of Syndergaard the player, you can bet she has opinions on Syndergaard the man.” Annie is indeed well qualitifed: she has been in many films, was Adam Film Award's Squirt Queen of the Year and has appeared on Howard Stern, MTV, and other shows. Aside from being a kinky temptress, Cruz collects comic books, plays video games, wrestles, and has worked on numerous mainstream projects.” described Annie as “An adult legend…sexy and exotic with a gorgeous little body.”

 SHORTANDSWEET HONORS CHYNA – Pop culture website ShortandSweetNYC has honored adult star and champion wrestler Chyna with a giveaway promotion for one of her Vivid movies. The tribute on both the New York and Los Angeles versions of the site features an image of the cover of her famous “Backdoor” movie and the following: “As a tribute to a true superstar in their movies, in wrestling and in life, Vivid Entertainment is giving away DVDs of Chyna is Queen of the Ring to five lucky visitors to Chyna made four movies with Vivid and you can check out all of them on  She had planned to discuss making more movies before she left us much too soon. To enter, e-mail us your name Here by May 20th. Include “Chyna Contest” as the subject. Just send an email with your address and we’ll select 5 winners at random who will receive the movie. Winners will be notified by email.  (Entrants need to be 18 years of age or over.)”