STEVEN HIRSCH RESPONDS TO GOP ANTI-PORN PLANK -- Vivid’s Steven Hirsch made the news this week when he responded publicly to a proposed anti-porn plank in the Republican convention platform. The party plans to brand pornography is a public health crisis and “encourage states to continue to fight this public menace.” In reporting on the story, Fox News said: “So are porn pros worried about what might happen if the plank makes it onto the party platform, and presumed nominee Donald Trump and the GOP win the White House? ‘As we all know political platforms are meaningless. But once again it shows how terribly out of touch the Republican Party is,’Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of porn purveyor Vivid Entertainment, told FOX411. ‘I’m sure Donald Trump would laugh at that.’” L.W. Weekly covered the story as well: “The always outspoken Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, piled on. ‘The Republicans do this every four years to satisfy the most conservative members of their party,’ he says. ‘Maybe they should spend their time finding a candidate that’s not a narcissistic xenophobe.’” Some news outlets covering the story included WGMD,,,, NewsRT and many others.

 MEDIASET ITALY TO INTERVIEW MICHAEL H. KLEIN & AIDEN STARR -- Vivid’s internet and broadcast chief Michael H. Klein, Vivid Radio host and dominatrix Aiden Starr and adult performer Ryan Driller are being interviewed at the Vivid offices for the Mediaset Italy show “Top Secret,” which will air next week. Mediaset, owned by Berlusconi, is Italy’s largest broadcaster. The interview is expected to give viewers background on the U.S. adult industry and how it differs from the European adult entertainment industry. The show “Top Secret” in the past has explored subjects such as the Vatican Mysteries and Deaths in the World of Music, from Prince and Jimi Hendrix to Amy Winehouse. VividTV recently announced a dramatic expansion in Italy and other European countries and Africa.