FOX.COM QUOTES STEVEN HIRSCH ON RUIZ/MILLER SEX TAPE STORY -- A report surfaced recently on TMZ, and other media that Instagram model and singer Elizabeth Ruiz is trying to shop an a sex tape she allegedly made with Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. Reporters went to the expert on sex tapes for reaction, Steven Hirsch. Fox com reported: “There is the issue of consent according to adult entertainment company Vivid’s Steven Hirsch. ‘Von Miller has a right to privacy. As we saw with the Hulk Hogan lawsuit any media outlet that publishes this footage would be liable and face serious ramifications. The fines would be based on the damage done to Mr. Miller’s reputation,’ Hirsch said. ‘Because he is a football player and not in any way connected to sex the fines could be very substantial. Consent is needed from both parties before any footage could be distributed.’”

 ACESHOWBIZ FEATURES KIM K VR STORY -- has also posted a story about the launch feature under the headline “Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Turned Into Virtual Reality Experience.”   The story reads in part: “A porn studio has made a virtual reality version of the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star's sex tape. Kim Kardashian's sex tape has been turned into a virtual reality experience. Vivid Entertainment launched The Kim Kardashian Superstar Experience, which allows viewers to experience the infamous tape between Kim and Ray J using the latest immersive technology.  In the video, viewers will find themselves sitting on a bed watching the Kardashian sex tape. After watching the real Kim in action, the lookalike steps into the frame and brings the video to life. Helmet-wearing viewers will be able to interact with the lookalike as she performs sex acts on them.”    The story was also covered by the, with the headline: “OMG: Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape to be Turned into Reality for Viewers?”


 SAVANNA’S VEHOF INDUCTION MAKES “WHERE/WHEN GUIDE” -- Additional coverage of Savanna Samson’s induction into the Vivid Entertainment Hall of Fame keeps popping up. The popular New York City entertainment blog Where/When Guide reported on it complete with a half dozen photos from the event last month. The site, which bills itself as “your guide to eating, drinking, and being merry” in New York featured a report that said:  “One of the things I love about Vivid Cabaret New York  is its eclecticism. It has a sexy vibe that draws celebrities from both the mainstream world and the adult entertainment industry. No matter how far up you are on the A-list, you can just have fun at Vivid Cabaret without drawing undue attention to yourself. This relaxed ambience has helped Vivid Cabaret become a favorite spot for pro athletes and other high profile figures who like to make it rain on the club’s gorgeous dancers. Of course, on some occasions, basking in the spotlight is the whole point. Just ask legendary adult film star Savanna Samson, who became the first inductee into the new Vivid Entertainment Hall of Fame. Vivid Cabaret NYC hosted her induction ceremony. I had great fun attending the event, where a bustling crowd of entertainment industry notables and other assorted admirers of Ms. Samson gathered to celebrate her achievement.  After Savanna received her trophy on the club’s main stage and gave a heart-felt thank you speech, everyone enjoyed an amazing after-party in the club’s swank VIP Ultra Lounge. ‘Vivid Cabaret New York really knows how to throw a party!’ proclaimed a famous television show star who prefers to remain anonymous.  Savanna has been a successful vintner since 2006, and guests had the opportunity to try her latest vintage, Sogno Vero, a delicious red wine. Acclaimed Chef Franklin Edwards prepared a special tasting menu to accompany the drink, which is the first wine from Savanna’s vineyard in Tuscany. The perfect cap to a perfect evening at Vivid Cabaret!”

Savanna’s induction into VEHOF got international exposure, including a story in the German publication Erotik News:

 ANNIE CRUZ INTERVIEWS NELSON DAVIS FOR HIP-HOP VIBE COLUMN – Vivid Radio Host and Hip-Hop Vibe Contributing WriterAnnie Cruz has interviewed internet sensation Nelson Davis for her latest piece on the popular website.  She begins her story by writing: ’Have you heard about actor/model Nelson Davis from Jacksonville, NC? You say you’re not sure. Well, you are going to be hearing a lot more about him not just because he’s sexy and hot but because he’s also cool, talented and constantly busy. Nelson Davis is one of those hard-working bootstrap-type guys who has worked hard for his position. Not only is this guy starring in several indie films, he is also producing his own work. The future is definitely looking bright for Mr. Davis. He plays one of the main characters in the hit web series, ‘Lovers’ Lane’ and took some time out to talk to me about his new project, 2 O’Clock, in which he bares his very sweet backside.” Davis says 2 O’Clock features “some tasteful nudity from me in the film. Just some backside action though.” Annie asks, “You bare your entire backside in the film? Was there any hesitation?” and Davis replies, “That’s right! Several times in the film and no hesitation at all (laughs). I actually suggested it to the director. I mean it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin. I also believe it was needed to bring the story to life.”  She then asks if viewers “should be expecting buns of steel?” and Davis replies, “I was already pretty fit, but I did work extra hard and was on a strict diet for about 8 weeks leading up to filming trying to reduce body fat and increase definition. As far as buns of steel, I did work extra hard so hopefully viewers will be pleased (laughs).”