APRIL SHARES HER FAVORITE TUNES -- Vivid Radio host April Flores is “Always Amazing,” according to writer Holly Kingstown, who writes about her musical tastes this week in the site’s “Fleshtunes” edition. In the story Holly writes that “April is the host of Vivid Radio's “The Voluptuous Life” which you can listen to on and/or SiriusXM channel 415. She then shares some of the songs that make April happy, including: “‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna: This song reminds me of my late husband and partner in everything, Carlos Batts. When I hear this, I'm transported back to times we were driving around L.A. happily enjoying each other's company. It's so amazing how music has the power to invoke feelings from the past.”  Other favorite songs include "I Am the Earth" by Lower Dens;  "Cherry" by OOFJ; "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead;  and "Island Song" by U.S. Girls.

 SYDNEY LEATHERS ‘SORRY’ FOR HELPING TRUMP GET ELECTED -- The star of Vivid Celeb’s best selling movie Sydney Leathers: Weiner and Me says she is sorry for her role in helping Donald Trump win the presidency.  Sydney Leathers opens up about her relationship with disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner and the “Weinergate” scandal in an interview with Aurora Snow in The Daily Beast that was picked up by media around the world.  Snow writes that in the Vivid Celeb movie Leathers “holds nothing back as she not only reveals all about the scandal, but shows the world why Weiner, aka ‘Carlos Danger,’ was so turned on by her. Weiner and Me is as much comedy as it is sexy.”  Recently, however, “no one could have guessed that Sydney Leathers and Anthony Weiner would come back to haunt the 2016 presidential election. Leathers played a pivotal role in orchestrating the shocking Daily Mail story back in September revealing how Weiner had been sexting a 15-year-old girl—a development that put the ex-politician under federal investigation and reopened the FBI inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Despite her history with Hillary’s ‘second daughter’ Huma Abedin, the tortured ex-wife to Weiner, Leathers is a longtime Democrat and dedicated Hillary supporter. She had a visceral reaction when she realized her seismic impact on the election. ‘I had a panic attack when I first found out. I was shaking for a solid 30 minutes,’ says Leathers. ‘I felt sick, and a little guilty initially, but I had no way of knowing this was going to happen. It wasn’t malicious. I wanted to help a 15-year-old girl; it was the right thing. I’m sorry for any damage it caused the Clinton campaign. That wasn’t my intent.’”

 AP STORY ON PENDING PROP 60 DEFEAT IS FAR REACHING -- An Associated Press story on California’s Proposition 60 quoting Vivid’s Steven Hirsch received extensive coverage throughout the country.  The measure – which was opposed by Vivid and the adult industry -- was defeated by voters on November 8th.  The AP story, which appeared before the vote, read in part:  “’We would 100 percent stop,” said Steven ‘Hirsch, co-founder and co-CEO of Vivid Entertainment, one of the industry’s largest porn producers. ‘We and the entire industry would 100 percent stop producing movies in the state of California, and any revenue that goes along with that the state would lose.’  California’s legislative analyst and finance director estimate Proposition 60 could cost the state millions of dollars annually in lost revenue, but adds that some of that could be recouped by fees it would impose on pornographers and by reduced health care costs. After the LA County measure passed in 2012, Hirsch said his company and others moved their film shoots to other parts of the state. This time, with the stakes much higher, he said they would simply have to go elsewhere, adding that states like Florida and Nevada are possible candidates.”   Among the newspapers printing the story was the conservative Washington Times. Other additional media picking up on the story included Business Insider,, AOL, National Public Radio, HDNews,,  SFChronicle, LADailyNews, Topix, USNews and many others.