ANNIE CRUZ TAKES THE ANGST OUT OF DATING -- Annie Cruz, host of “The Dirtiest Girl in the World” on, gave some helpful dating tips in her recent #Thirsttrap Thursday feature on  Annie was speaking from experience when she discussed how to achieve dating success, having coached hundreds of men and women through her radio program and in-person sessions and getting feedback from them. She gave tips on how to be approachable and pointed out that if a man or woman doesn’t make the initial move, “You basically take the first thing that comes your way.”  Whether it’s how to approach or be approached, Annie had direct and effective advice that anyone can use. She talked about the importance of smiling, making eye contact and having the right body language.  Annie talked about how to stand out, be unpredictable and different; in other words, how to have personality. She also explained how easy it is to utter those all important first words without being embarrassed.  Finally, Annie urged readers to embrace their sexuality. She reminded us that we are in the Hip Hop age and not the Victorian age. We can take everything at our own pace and we set our own boundaries. Fans can listen to Annie on or on SiriusXM channel 415.

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 SERGIO GARCIA IS IN THE VIVID RADIO SPORTS SPOTLIGHT FOR MAY -- Vivid Radio and Sports Overnight America, a Sports Byline USA Broadcast Network radio show have selected Masters’ Champion Sergio Garcia to be their Player of the Month on Thursday, May 11h. Garcia will be discussed  from a golfing perspective on the Vivid Radio show Voluptuous Life hosted by April Flores on and SiriusXM channel 415 from 1-2pm PT.  April will then be on Gerrie Burke’s Sports Overnight America show that evening at 11 pm PT, talking about him from a sensual point of view. Gerrie’s show can also be heard on Sirius channel 214 and XM channel 203. 

Winning the Masters at Augusta National on April 9th of this year was a major triumph for the 37-year-old Spanish golfer who was born into a golfing family in Borriol on the east coast of Spain, and has been playing the sport since he was just three.  His father, Victor Garcia, a former professional player, is his teacher and mentor.  Sergio’s mother, Consuelo, was a pro shop manager. “There’s no doubt that Garcia was ready to wear that green jacket,” said Gerrie. “He is a golfer’s golfer as far as I’m concerned.  His duel with Justin Rose at the end of the Masters was a nail biter.  It was great to watch and an example of true sportsmanship.

 THE HITS KEEP ON COMING FOR KIM K SEX TAPE COVERAGE -- There has been still more coverage of the 10th anniversary of Vivid’s Kim K Superstarsex tape showing up on the web. The new flurry of print and internet stories started when published “This Is The Oral History Of The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.”  The article began: “Who knows why this took so long, but finally we have An Oral History of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape. Only Page Six is classy enough to have pulled this off. Make sure Kanye doesn’t see this. His mind is in a fragile state.”  The InterroBang story was picked up as the lead story by numerous other outlets, including and  Website seized on the story, too, adding its own snarky comment:  “The oral history of Kim Kardashian's now-legendary sex tape. Oral ...get it? Boy that New York Post is edgy.

 FORMER MET LENNY DIKSTRA HANGING OUT AT VIVID CABARET NYC -- Terez Owens, a closely-followed reporter of New York City night life, reported on a recent visit to Vivid Cabaret by one of the city’s most revered baseball legends.  Terez Owens reported: “Whenever he’s in New York, former Met baseball star Lenny Dykstra can be spotted at VividCabaret New York, the epic three-story gentlemen’s club located at 61 West 37th Street in Midtown Manhattan. While enjoying the sights from the 2nd Floor VIP Ultra Lounge, Dykstra told the lovely Vivid Cabaret girls there’s a reality TV show in the works about him and his endeavors, and some of the Vivid Cabaret NYC girls will appear on the show. ‘Lenny is outrageous,’ cooed Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Francesca. ‘His book, House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge, was a bestseller. I’m sure his TV show will be huge too. I’m glad that he’ll be using some of our girls in the show!’ Vivid Cabaret NYC features the city’s tallest stripper pole (26 feet tall), and the ultimate in VIP services, plus a menu designed by acclaimed Executive Chef Franklin Edwards. It is the sister club to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, and the new Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar, both located just four blocks away on West 33rd between Fifth Avenue and Broadway. Lenny is still as tough as nails!”