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100% Real San Francisco Dykes

Vivid TV Presents

No delicate lipstick lesbians for you! See real, hardcore bull dykes slamming hard dildos and tongues into pretty young things and badass bitches in this all muff diving and slit pounding film straight off of the filthy streets of San Francisco....


Jamie Loves Jeff #2

Vivid Presents

They startled the video world with their blockbuster sensations, "Jamie Loves Jeff", one of adult's all-time major releases. Now they're back. And they're ready for each other, in the reunion they both wanted. And both wanted on film. Vivid proudly presents Jamie Loves Jeff 2. Th...


Bad News Brats

Vivid Classics Presents

Everyone wants you to be what they want you to be. And when your name is Jamie Summers, everyone wants you to be The Brat. But Jamie wants to grow up. So when baseball practice starts and it's time to be Brat at bat, Jamie rebels. And trades in her cup for crotchless panties. ...


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